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[Updated] Taiwan Implements a New List of Prohibited Ingredients in Cosmetics Taiwan updated the List of Prohibited Ingredients in Cosmetics, which adds 4 ingredients and deletes 2 repeated ingredients. The list takes effect on July 1, 2022.
[Updated] CSAR Subsidiary Regulations: China Implements the Finalized Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics The Practices finalizes the qualification requirements and duties of the person in charge of quality and safety, ensures the traceability of products from production to market, refines the requirements for sample retention, further clarifies the requirements for entrusted production, etc.
Shanghai Pudong Drafts Provisions to Encourage Cosmetics Innovative Development: Upcoming Era of Cosmetics Personalization The Provisions proposes to encourage enterprises to accurately develop general cosmetics that meet the individual needs of consumers, allow notifiers in Shanghai to set up business premises to provide consumers with personalized services, optimize the customs clearance for imported cosmetics, and provide ingredient supply and quality management services for enterprises in Pudong New Area, etc.
CSAR Subsidary Regulations: China to Issue New Regulations for Cosmetic Sampling Testing A new draft, the Measures for the Management of Cosmetic Sampling Testing (the 2022 draft), was released for public consultation on June 24, 2022...
A Closer Look at Turkey Cosmetic Industry’s Regulatory Landscape This article introduces Turkey cosmetic requirements, including competent authorities, regulations, product supervision, and advertising requirements.
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