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ChemLinked Cosmetic Portal was created by REACH24H Consulting Group in May 2014 to provide cosmetic regulatory information for China and the rest of the Asia Pacific region to meet the growing demand for clear and concise regulatory advice and market intelligence. At ChemLinked we thrall through a sea of normative documents, legislative text, regulations, and national standards and distill them down into the crucial, need-to-know regulatory compliance information and market access requirements our clients need to launch their products in Asia. Our strategic partnerships in countries/regions such as Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan allow us to project the most authoritative voice in this industry.

How ChemLinked works

REACH24H Consulting Group

REACH24H Consulting Group provides global chemical compliance solutions to assist chemical manufacturers, importers and downstream users to effectively manage their responsibilities. Our objective is to facilitate the most efficient and cost-effective access to AP region marketplaces for our clients by utilizing of our strong commercial experience and technical expertise in chemical and other industries like food ,agrochem, cosmetics,etc.

REACH24H Consulting Group currently maintains a global presence, with offices in China, Ireland and USA. Our Group includes REACH24H Consulting Group China which based in Hangzhou, REACH Compliance Services (RCS)  based in Dublin, and REACH24H USA INC.,in Reston Virgina. Our in-house team consists of ex-governmental officials, global-regulatory experts, toxicologists, environmental risk assessors, chemical engineers and IT software developmental engineers. Over 150 professionals continuously focus on deepening research on major chemical regulations and try to deliver most valued products and service to meet demands of either company entitled with “Fortune Global 500” or an SME.

To provide our readerships with information and services they need to assure their products compliant and marketable in Asian Pacific countries.

ChemLinked Cosmetic Portal publishes news and intelligence to help readerships to meet responsibilities under cosmetic legislation in Asian Pacific countries, including China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, ASEAN, India, Australia and New Zealand, and we intend to be part of your daily work for collecting valuable information and regulatory tools.

Track & Foresight & Verification
  • Monitor the most recent regulatory issues from AP authorities
  • Stay updated on important changes in market access requirements
  • Keep you alert to the regulatory changes and potential trends in AP
  • Verify the authenticity of regulatory news
In-depth & Exclusive
  • Analysis on influence of regulatory updates
  • Report our first-hand and exclusive information from multiple sources
  • Chronology and historical overview of regulatory developments
  • Case studies and detailed interpretation from our technical experts
  • Guidance from Chinese regulatory authorities
Efficient & Comprehensive
  • Flawless coverage of AP regulatory affairs
  • Necessary tools for efficient compliance like Database and Cosme-list
  • Wikipedia webpage of essential regulatory info in AP
  • One-stop reference webpages for regulatory information based on the country

As the leading multilingual regulatory information platform for China and the rest of the AP region cosmetic regulation, ChemLinked Cosmetic Portal has gained unparalleled popularity among cosmetic regulatory professionals, business directors, etc. and owns 15000+ members and 40,000+ newsletter recipients.
Our audience includes:

  • Global cosmetics companies
  • Global chemical companies
  • Global fragrance companies
  • Distributers or OEMs
  • Associations
  • NGOs
  • Government bodies
  • Consulting companies
  • Law firms

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Our audiences

ChemLinked is based in China, our office hour is 9:00 - 17:30 GMT+8 Beijing time.

Add: 14F, Bldg. 3, Haichuang Technical Center, No 1288 Wenyi West Road, Hangzhou, China 
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Email:  cosmetic@chemlinked.com