Solutions for Entering into
Southeast Asia Countries
As Southeast Asia's economy growth keeps attracting people’s attention, and the demand for consumer products continues to grow. Southeast Asia has been bringing lucrative opportunity for foreign manufacturers.

ChemLinked is providing a variety of market entry services to help stakeholders better understand exporting requirements, establish business and secure a competitive place to facilitate trade development.
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  • Cosmetics
  • Pre-packaged Food
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Regulatory Monitoring Service
  • Officially regulations & standards
  • Market access news tracking
  • Product recall monitoring
  • Industry dynamic status
  • Black-lists of imported products
  • Emergency alerts
  • Other noteworthy information
To ensure stakeholders respond to the regulatory and market changes timely by customized monitoring report
Regulatory Investigation and Advisory Service
  • Pre-assessment report for product registration
  • Comparison of regulatory systems of multiple countries
  • Interpretation of regulatory updates and future trends
  • Analysis of production process compliance points
  • Import & export compliance report
To help stakeholders understand the regulatory requirements and grasp the compliance issues in the import process clearly and comprehensively.
Product Registration Service
  • Product notification & registration
  • Review & compilation of PIF
  • Product compliance review (formula, label, claim assessment, etc.)
  • Legal representative service
To assist stakeholders in the product importation process through our extensive compliance experience and global resources.
Customized Training
  • Expert analysis for specific regulation
  • Tutorial guide for importation procedure
  • Market overview & demand analysis
  • Practical experience & case sharing
To help stakeholders develop a systematic, comprehensive and customized training program, and to help enterprises better understand the regulatory requirements.
  • Thailand Initiates Cosmetic Ingredient Lists Amendments: Two Ingredients Added and One Revised
    Feb 26, 2024
    On February 22, 2024, the Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA) launched a public consultation on the newly proposed amendments to the country's cosmetic ingredient lists...
  • Monthly Recap: Global Cosmetic Regulatory Updates | January 2024
    Feb 06, 2024
    ChemLinked rounded up the global regulatory updates on cosmetic products in January...
  • Indonesia Proposes to Revise Cosmetic Types Prohibited from Online Sales
    Jan 30, 2024
    On August 21, 2023, Indonesia released the initial draft to amend the Regulation Concerning the Control of Drug and Food Online Distribution. Five months later, the second draft was released. This regulation primarily focuses on regulating the criteria for online sales of drugs (including cosmetics) and food. It is worth noting that cosmetics sold online must possess a notification number.
  • Top 10 Global Cosmetic Regulation Highlights in 2023
    Jan 29, 2024
    In 2023, the global cosmetic industry experienced notable progresses in regulations and enforcement, which focus on improving safety, quality, and transparency of cosmetics. Governments worldwide introduced new policies and regulations to achieve these goals. Developments encompass the introduction of cosmetic overarching regulation, updates to pre-market and post-market supervision, and revisions to ingredient use requirements. In this article, ChemLinked highlights the top 10 significant updates in major regions worldwide.
  • Malaysia Amends Cosmetic Ingredient Use Requirements: 17 Ingredients Added and 12 Ingredients Revised
    Jan 25, 2024
    The amendments are: 1) Annex II: List of Prohibited Ingredients - 15 added and 4 revised 2) Annex III: List of Restricted Ingredients - 5 revised 3) Annex IV: List of Permitted Colorants – 1 revised 4) Annex VI: List of Permitted Preservatives - 1 deleted 5) Annex VII: List of Permitted UV Filters – 2 added and 1 revised
Type: Regulation
Release Date : 2023-12-22
Implementation Date : /
File Language : en
In force
Type: Regulation
Release Date : 2023-12-07
Implementation Date : 2023-12-07
File Language : id
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