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China Hong Kong Cosmetics Legislation

  •   26 Aug 2016
  •    Angelita Hu
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     Hong Kong Cosmetics Legislation

    Overarching Regulation
    Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance
    Competent Authority
    Commerce and Economic Development Bureau
    Main Supporting Rules 
    5 Dec 2014Trade Description Ordinance

    As a free trade zone, Hong Kong regulates cosmetics in a very relaxed manner. There is no specific regulations regulating cosmetics and no positive/negative lists. Although cosmetics require compliance with Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance and Trade Description Ordinance the two regulations don’t make any provisions relating to cosmetics clearly. The supervision on cosmetics only appears in the post-market surveillance and random inspection when clearing customs. Due to lack of pre-market requirements, cosmetics can enter into Hong Kong almost freely.


    Part 1 Regulatory Framework and Competent Authority

    1. Existing Main Cosmetic Regulations in Hong Kong


    Effective Date


    Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance


    In force

    Trade Description Ordinance


    In force

    2. Competent Authority of Cosmetics

    The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (CEDB) is responsible for formulating and revising the Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance.

    The Customs & Excise is responsible for responsible for enforcing the Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance and conducting post-market inspections.

    Part 2 Cosmetic Products

    1. Obligations

    Hong Kong doesn’t define cosmetics but considers cosmetic and skin care products as consumer goods. Consumer products are subject to the regulation of the Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance. The Ordinance stipulates that manufacturers, importers and suppliers should ensure that the consumer goods they supply in the market meet "the general safety requirement". Under this requirement, the consumer goods concerned must be reasonably safe. In determining whether a particular consumer good complies with this requirement, due regard should be made to all circumstances, including:

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