New Zealand Cosmetics Regulation

Cosmetics in New Zealand are controlled under the scope of chemicals by Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), EPA control chemicals mainly by regulating new organisms and hazardous substances. Cosmetics which contain hazardous substances should comply with the overarching regulation “Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996”, and get approval from EPA before being manufactured/imported.
If your cosmetic products contain hazardous substances, you need to get relevant approval before importing, manufacturing or using them. There are two types of approval can be applied for: rapid assessment and full release application. If the hazard substances can’t reach the requirement for rapid assessment, they have to apply for full release application.
Likewise, if the hazardous substance contained in cosmetics is new and not listed on New Zealand Inventory of Chemicals (NZLoC), a notification of this new chemical to EPA should be completed before manufacturing or importing. To notify a new hazardous chemical, you must submit following information in written form:
1. The name of the substance; and
2. The HSNO approval number and/or title of the Group Standard under which the substance has 3. Deemed approval; and
4. The name and CAS number of the chemical not listed on the Inventory of Chemicals that is present in the substance; and
5. The concentration of that chemical in the substance; and
6. The hazardous properties of the chemical, including the provision of the relevant hazard data used to assign the substance to the Group Standard; and
7. The proposed use of the substance.

Apart from getting approval from EPA for hazardous substances and notifying new hazardous chemicals to NZIoC (rules apply to all chemical products), EPA also divide products with similar nature, type or use into groups and set special standard for each group. Cosmetic Product Group is one of those groups described above. This group is managed under the Cosmetic Products Group Standard 2006 (amended 2012).  This Standard stipulates special requirements for cosmetics, such as nanomaterial notification, label, packaging, and cosmetic review, etc., and provides lists of ingredients that are allowed or prohibited to use in cosmetics.

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