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Notice on Issuing Children Cosmetics’ Logo (No. 143 of 2021)
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National Medical Products Administration
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Official Notice on Issuing Children Cosmetics’ Logo (No. 143 of 2021)
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Notice on Issuing Children Cosmetics’ Logo (No. 143 of 2021)

The finalized Supervision and Administration Provisions on Children Cosmetics stipulated that children cosmetics should be labeled with NMPA designated children cosmetics' logo on the display panel of the sales package. On Dec. 1, 2021, China NMPA published the children cosmetics’ logo, as well as its labeling area and color matching information.

Children Cosmetics Logo.jpg

Children Cosmetics' Logo Published by NMPA

Notes: The logo’s name is “Little Golden Shield” (in Chinese is “小金盾”). It is intended to express the hope of NMPA to continuously improve children cosmetic's quality and safety, provide a good growth environment and protect the healthy growth of children through the joint efforts of all parties in the society. The logo uses a golden color scheme and a shield shape. The gold color reflects the healthy, lively, optimistic, and positive state of children; the shield represents the protection and care of children, the resistance to illegal products, and also to increase the recognition of the logo; the center of the shield is an image of children with open hands, emphasizing the firm determination of all parties in the society to protect the healthy growth of children.

From May 1, 2022, Children cosmetics that apply for registration/notification must be labeled with the logo. For those that have applied for registration/notification before May 1, 2022, the registrant/notifier shall update the label before May 1, 2023.

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