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CI 11920 and Other 12 Kinds of Components
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化妆品中CI 11920等13种原料的检验方法
Chinese Mainland
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National Medical Products Administration
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Official CI 11920 and Other 12 Kinds of Components
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CI 11920 and Other 12 Kinds of Components

On August 28, 2023, China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) announced significant amendments to the Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics (2015 Edition) (STSC). The key updates include the addition of a new prohibited ingredient, the clarification of benzene limit in cosmetics, the revision of 5 testing methods, and the introduction of 14 additional testing methods. Notably, except that the revised methods are scheduled to come into force on March 1, 2024, all other new contents will take immediate effect upon release. 

The new testing method “CI 11920 and Other 12 Kinds of Components” specifies the determination of the content of 13 ingredients, including CI 11920, in hair dye cosmetics using high-performance liquid chromatography, and is applicable for the determination of the content of CI 11920 and 12 other ingredients (excluding color precipitates) in cream and lotion cosmetics.

The 13 ingredients referred to in this method include CI 11920 (Food Orange 3), CI 12010 (Solvent Red 3), CI 12085 (Pigment Red 4), CI 15800 (Pigment Red 64), CI 15880 (Pigment Red 63), CI 42510 (Basic Violet 14), CI 44045 (Basic Blue 26), CI 45190 (Acid Violet 9), CI 45370 (Acid Orange 11), CI 47000 (Solvent Yellow 33), CI 58000 (Pigment Red 83), CI 60725 (Solvent Violet 13), and CI 61565 (Solvent Green 3).