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China Animal Testing Exemption: A Collection of Global Countries Where the Government Can Issue A Cosmetic GMP Certificate

ChemLinked compiled a list of countries/regions where the government can issue a cosmetic GMP certificate, which is a required document for general cosmetic animal testing exemption in China.

Background: Cosmetics Can be Exempt from Animal Testing in China

As per the Provisions for Management of Cosmetic Registration and Notification Dossiers, starting from May 1, 2021, general cosmetics whether imported or manufactured in China are permitted to be exempt from animal testing if they meet both of the following two conditions:

  1. A certificate of compliance to the good manufacturing practices (GMP) issued by the competent authority of the country of origin is provided;

  2. The safety assessment results can fully confirm product safety.

To exempt animal testing, the GMP certificate must be granted by the local government. Previously some overseas companies were troubled by this requirement as their GMP certificates were generally issued by cosmetic associations or international standardization organizations but not the government. To solve this problem, the governments of some countries have taken action to provide companies with official GMP certificates.

Supported by REACH24H’s rich experience in cosmetic registration/notification in China, ChemLinked has compiled a list of countries/regions where the government can issue a cosmetic GMP certificate.

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List of Countries Where the Government Can Issue A GMP Certificate

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