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China Cosmetic Compliance Strategy: A Collection of Prohibited Claims on Cosmetic Packaging and Advertisements

ChemLinked compiles a list of prohibited words and expressions that are prone to notification or inspection failure in claims on cosmetic packaging or advertisements.

With the introduction of a series of cosmetic-related regulations and policies such as Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation, Administrative Measures on Cosmetics Labeling, Cosmetic Classification Rules and Catalogs, and Standards for Cosmetic Efficacy Claim Evaluation, Chinese regulatory authorities have strengthened the enforcement of rules and regulations, and ramped up the supervision over cosmetic industry across the nation.

This year, cosmetic companies have been frequently punished and fined, covering international beauty giants such as Pierre Fabre, Henkel, and Procter & Gamble, as well as well-known domestic companies such as Forest Cabin, Xiaomi Diary, and Secoo. Among all administrative penalty cases, illegal cosmetic efficacy claims occupied the majority. Product packaging and online product pages were the most problematic areas of violations. Therefore, choosing accurate and appropriate words for cosmetic claims and advertising is absolutely essential to a successful product launch or market entry.

To help stakeholders circumvent the risk of non-compliance and adapt to new regulations, ChemLinked compiles a list of prohibited words and expressions in claims on cosmetic packaging or advertisements, based on the technical review opinions issued by the medical products administration departments, the popular science articles published on NMPA’s official website, the administrative penalties for the cosmetics industry, as well as REACH24H’s rich experience in China’s cosmetic registration and notification.

List of Prohibited Claims on Cosmetic Packaging and Advertisements (Compiled by ChemLinked)

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