Current Trends in China's Male Cosmetics Market

  •   6 Mar 2018
  •    Jo Zhou

    Takehome: Male Cosmetic is still an underdeveloped sector of China’s cosmetic industry but there is huge room for future development. In this article we will talk about the characteristics of this market and provide a case study of compliance requirements for 2 popular products.
    The cosmetics market shows evident differences based on the gender of the target market. The vast majority of cosmetic products sold to guys are face products and “fixing products”, aimed at correcting facial flaws like acne, eye bags, etc.
    However, males attach more and more importance to their appearance and we can’t ignore the potential of this market. Some studies (HKTDC) forecast an increase in the volume of male cosmetics sold in China of 13.5 % by 2019 (1.9 billion $), much more than the overall world growth of 5.8%.

    What influences male cosmetic purchases?