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South Korea Enforcement Rule of the Cosmetics Act (2018 Version)

  •   19 Mar 2019
  •    Hedy He
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    South Korea
    • South Korea Enforcement Rule of the Cosmetics Act (2018 Version)

    • Language:Bilingual (EN&KR)
    • Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
    • Pages:58
    • Translated by: ChemLinked
    • Release date: 2018-04-11
    • Price: $1650  (Affiliate publication)

    The e-book is not included in the premium membership benefits as it is provided by our affiliated company.


    Enforcement Rule of the Cosmetics Act is pursuant to South Korean overarching regulation Cosmetics Act and specifies detailed rules to regulate production and selling of cosmetics. It has been revised constantly in line with the revision of Cosmetics Act. This version was enforced on Apr.19, 2018.

    In this rule, it clarifies:
    1. the scope of functional cosmetics
    2. how to register to manufacturer and sell functional cosmetics
    3. how to register manufacturers and importers
    4. manufacturing standard
    5. rules to supervise cosmetics safety and quality
    6. requirement for cosmetic containers and packaging
    7. requirement for cosmetic advertisement
    8. certification of natural and organic cosmetics
    Please contact with cosmetic@chemlinked.com if the English version of the latest Enforcement Rule enforced on Mar.14, 2019 is needed.

    Article 1: Purpose
    Article 2: Scope of Functional Cosmetics
    Article 3: Registration, etc. of Manufacturing Business
    Article 4: Registration, etc., of Manufacturing and Sales Business
    Article 5: Registration of Changes in Manufacturing Business, etc.
    Article 6: Standards, etc. for Facilities
    Article 7: Standards for Quality Control of Cosmetics and other Related Matters
    Article 8: Standards for Qualifications for Manufacture-Sales Manager, and
    other Related Matters
    Article 9: Examination of Functional Cosmetics
    Article 10: Functional Cosmetics, etc. Requiring the Submission of Report
    Article 11: Matters to be Observed by Manufacturer-Sellers
    Article 12: Matters, etc. to be Observed by Manufacturer
    Article 13: Report of Production Result, etc. of Cosmetics
    Article 14: Education to Operators of Manufacturing and Sales Business
    Article 14-2: Standards for Cosmetics Subject to Recall
    Article 14-3: Recall Plan, Recall Procedures, etc. of Hazardous Cosmetics
    Article 14-4: Mitigation or Remission of Administrative Dispositions
    Article 15: Report of Closure, etc. of Business
    Article 16: Permission for Export, Import, etc. of Endangered Species of Wild
    Fauna and Flora
    Article 17: Hazard Assessment of Raw Materials, etc. of Cosmetics
    Article 18: Items Requiring Use of Safe Container, Packaging, and Standards
    Article 19: Marking, Labeling, etc. on Package of Cosmetics
    Article 20: Marking of Price of Cosmetics
    Article 21: Matters Requiring Attention in Marking and Labeling
    Article 22: Scope, etc. of Labeling and Advertisements
    Article 23: Subjects, etc. to prove Contents of Labeling and Advertisements
    Article 24: Qualifications, etc. of Relevant Public Officials
    Article 25: Collection, etc.
    Article 26: Monitoring of Sale of Cosmetics
    Article 27: Orders, etc. to Recall or Dispose
    Article 28: Publication of Hazardous Cosmetics
    Article 29: Standards for Administrative Disposition
    Article 30: Procedures for Collection of Penalty Surcharges
    Article 31: Re-issuance, etc. of Registration Certificates, etc.
    Article 32: Fees
    Article 33: Re-examination of Rule
    Supplementary Provisions
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