Expert Article

  • Mintel

    Mintel Analysts Share Insights into K-Beauty and Sensitive Skin Care Products

     25 Jul 2019  Market  149

    Korean cosmetics are trending towards sustainability and natural products. Use of innovative ingredients is a key driver of consumer demand and product differentiation. Marketing strategies are increasingly reliant on key...
  • Lauren Lee

    K-Beauty's Trending Ingredients (South Korea Organic/Natural Ingredients Compliance)

     17 Jul 2019  Market  296

    Natural and organic cosmetics have become more and more popular in South Korea in recent years. So what ingredients are hot recently? Which ingredients are allowed to be added in an organic/natural cosmetic? How to apply for...
  • Saira De Ferrari

    New Trends in the Italian and Chinese Cosmetic Sector

     16 Jul 2019  Market  180

    The dynamic world of cosmetic is in continuous evolution and transformation. In research centers and in cutting-edge laboratories cosmetic formulas of all kinds are developed, designed and studied to meet the different needs of...
  • Ye Chen

    Male Cosmetics in China: Handsome Profits on Offer

     8 Jul 2019  Market  268

    Male cosmetics may be a market with huge potential in China as several high-quality internet reports' data have suggested this marketing trend and large multinationals have been accelerating their China market entry campaigns...
  • Glory Guo

    Maintaining Growth amidst Slowing Chinese Consumerism: Consumption Differentiation

     8 Jul 2019  Market  204

    The rise of internet famous celebrities has given rise to the phenomenon of KOL marketing in which certain brands use internet stars and other famous people to create online content either directly or indirectly advertising their...
  • Glory Guo

    Chinese Consumerism: Failing or Evolving?

     28 May 2019  Market  1623

    Pinduoduo is an innovative and fast-growing e-commerce platform that provides a dynamic shopping experience using “Pin”, a group purchasing model that integrates social experiences with online shopping...
  • Hedy He

    Chinese Cosmetic Consumers: Trends and Forecasts

     9 May 2019  Market  2059

    In a background of slowing economic growth and a palpable downturn in the willingness of Chinese consumers to spend, China’s cosmetic sector is a bright point which has maintained impressive growth. According to data from China’s...
  • ParkLu

    The Truth About KOLs’ Impact on China E-commerce Sales

     28 Jan 2019  Market  

    If a brand can understand the unique value of a KOL impression, they can refine predictive metrics that will lead to KOL initiatives which guarantee ROI...
  • Nurmia Agustina

    4 Pitfalls of the Indonesian Cosmetic Market

     9 Aug 2018  Market  753

    As the 4th largest nation in terms of population and boasting a rapidly expanding middle class, Indonesia undoubtedly offers lucrative investment potentials for the global cosmetic sector...
  • Josephine Zhou

    Halal Cosmetics Market Rapid Growth Requires Further Regulatory Development

     6 Mar 2018  Market  1157

    Halal cosmetics are a rapidly developing niche of the halal and mainstream market. The 100% natural ingredients commitment of halal products also attracts many non-Muslims. The increased popularity of these products requires...