Expert Article

  • Inna Fu

    Whitening products regulatory status in Chinese Mainland, China Taiwan, Korea and Japan

     2 Aug 2016  Regulation  2870

    China Whitening products with active whitening ingredients were classified as special use cosmetics since December 2013, which require registration with CFDA. Certain categories of whitening products are defined under Chinese...
  • Angelita Hu

    Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics 2015

     27 Jul 2016  Regulation  6436

    Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics 2015 is the overarching technical standards used for regulation of cosmetics in China. It specifies the general safety standards, defining prohibited/restricted/permitted ingredients...
  • Sander van Hertum

    A Recurring Question Posed to China Cosmetic Regulatory Affairs Consultants

     25 Jul 2016  Regulation  2132

    Since I have been working with Reach24H Consulting Group I actually have been asked a certain question by foreign cosmetics producers more often than others. "We are thinking about the possibility of releasing our products on the...
  • Lemon Zhang

    China Sunscreens Regulations

     15 Jul 2016  Regulation  3711

    In China not all products claiming sun protection are regulated as special use cosmetics that have to register with CFDA and are subject to stricter examination and review. According to the regulations, products only containing...
  • Angelita Hu

    Understanding Three Important Taxes Levied on Imported Cosmetics

     26 May 2016  Regulation  1743

    Since April 8 2016, China implemented a new tax system for CBEC commodities. The new tax system was formulated based on the limits on the permitted total value of individual consumer transactions and the aggregated annual...
  • Tiger Kim

    Interpretation of Custom-blending Cosmetics Sales in Korea

     1 Apr 2016  Market  2583

    What is custom-blending cosmetics sales?  Definition of 'custom-blending cosmetics sales': Custom-blending cosmetics sales is the act of selling cosmetics after mixing colorant, fragrance, and other ingredients to the existing...
  • Bruno Bernard

    Understanding Halal Certification

     24 Feb 2016  Regulation  2895

    Exporting cosmetics to Malaysia, Indonesia or other predominately muslim countries is increasingly difficult.Halal certification is needed to export cosmetics in muslim countries. The trouble for industry is that Halal...
  • Eliza Li

    Cosmetics Regulatory Reform in China: Curse or Blessing?

     6 Aug 2015  Regulation  5141

    This version of the draft represents a second revision of the original Regulations Concerning the Hygiene Supervision over Cosmetics (the "Current Regulation") produced in 1989, and initially revised in 2014. Experts from...
  • Nurmia Agustina

    Process for Cosmetic Registration in Indonesia

     24 Jun 2015  Regulation  14680

    The beauty and cosmetics market in Indonesia is growing fast with a 14% growth in cosmetics sales in 2012 totaling USD 1.01 billion (Euromonitor). Sales of cosmetics in Indonesia's urban areas for the first half of 2013 increased...
  • Tuan Nguyen

    Detailed Interpretation: Vietnam Cosmetics Regulation

     9 Jun 2015  Regulation  5628

    On September 2nd 2003, on behalf of the Government of Vietnam, the Vietnam Minister of Trade and Commerce signed an agreement on the ASEAN harmonized Cosmetic Regulatory Scheme, in which, the terms specified in the agreement is...