Expert Article

  • Echo Cao

    2012: A Recap of Cosmetic Regulatory Development in China

     31 Jan 2013  Regulation  1807

    The State Food and Drug Administration which is responsible for cosmetic management in China was busy reforming the legislation and regulations governing areas of the cosmetics industry involving existing and new ingredients,...
  • Echo Cao

    New Cosmetic Ingredients Application Process: Interpretation and Advice

     18 Oct 2012  Regulation  1593

    China imposes stringent supervision over new cosmetic ingredients (NCI) and their pre-market approval. According to the Article 9 of the overriding Regulations concerning the Hygiene Supervision over Cosmetics 1989, before a new...
  • Martin Hu

    Registration of New Cosmetic Ingredients

     30 Jul 2011  Regulation  1241

    Despite the global economic downturn, China's consumer cosmetics market has continued to develop and prosper. China has become the 3rd largest cosmetic market in the world after US and Japan. In China, the State Food and Drug...
  • Martin Hu

    China SFDA Circulated a Notice of Criticism of 11 Companies for Submitting False Notification Materials

     20 Jul 2011  Regulation  1427

    On 18th July, 2011, China SFDA issued a public announcement on its website, giving warnings to those dishonest notifiers who forged the application materials for cosmetic products. The SFDA made the decision after thorough...
  • Martin Hu

    Risk Assessment of Cosmetics in China

     21 May 2011  Regulation  1249

    Following the publication last year of guidelines for the risk assessment of impurities in cosmetic ingredients, China is preparing similar guidelines for assessing the ingredient themselves, explains Martin Hu of REACH24H...