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Decoding Japan’s Cosmetics Labeling Regulation

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Rose Hong
Wednesday , 31st May 2023

In Japan, erroneous cosmetic label content and omission of cosmetic labeling items have long been essential factors for products that failed to enter the Japanese market, bringing considerable losses to related companies.

Regarding the labeling of cosmetics (including quasi-drugs), there are many regulations and voluntary industry standards in Japan. Among them, the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Law, as the primary law, stipulates the main labeling requirements for cosmetics and quasi-drugs, especially the "All Ingredient Label". The "All Ingredient Label" requirements are specific to ingredient names, order of arrangement, incidental ingredients, impurities, and mixed raw materials, etc., In addition, cosmetic labels also need to pay attention to the matters required by the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law and the Fair Competition Code.

This webinar will introduce the current labeling regulations, supervision, mandatory labeling requirements, label considerations, and give some insightful regulatory compliance recommendations, helping stakeholders better understand Japanese cosmetics labeling regulation.


1. Overview of Cosmetics Labeling Regulatory Framework

1.1 Regulations Framework

1.2 Cosmetics Labeling Supervision

2. Labeling Requirement

2.1 Cosmetic

2.2 Quasi-drugs

2.3 Noteworthy requirements

3. Compliance Advice

For those who are also interested in understanding cosmetic labeling requirements in South Korea(CL webinar on  April 28, 2023), ChemLinked prepared a special offer package. Stakeholders can email ChemLinked to get access to these two webinars for $159.

From March to May, ChemLinked will host webinar series on cosmetic labeling regulation global. Please stay tuned on ChemLinked for cosmetic labeling requirements in South Korea, Japan, and ASEAN.

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