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Keeping Up with the Global Cosmetic Ingredient Updates in 2024

Hedy He
Wednesday , 31st Jul 2024
REACH24H; ChemLinked

Ingredient quality is a fundamental factor in ensuring cosmetic product safety and quality. Regulatory bodies worldwide recognize this and have made ingredient safety at the core of cosmetics oversight. To safeguard marketed products, they closely monitor ingredient use in the cosmetics industry and provide regular updates to ingredient regulations.

This year has seen a substantial number of global regulatory changes related to cosmetic ingredients. China released Index of Cosmetics Safety Assessment Data from Authoritative Organizations and Ingredient Usage Information of Marketed Products, covering 5,885 ingredients. This enriched the available ingredient data and provided a reference for cosmetic safety assessment. The 39th ASEAN Cosmetic Scientific Body (ACSB) meeting approved new amendments to the ingredient annexes of the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive. China’s Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the EU, the US, and Canada have also introduced several ingredient use requirement changes.

To help cosmetics stakeholders stay informed and ensure compliance with these evolving regulations, ChemLinked organized this webinar to detail the key cosmetic ingredient regulation updates across the globe in the first half of 2024.


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1. China

1.1 Import license cancellation for products containing low-concentration triethanolamine

1.2 Index of Cosmetics Safety Assessment Data from Authoritative Organizations and Ingredient Usage Information of Marketed Products

1.3 Ingredient testing methods and standards

1.4 Amendments to list of prohibited ingredients (Taiwan, China)

1.5 Restructure of cosmetic ingredient lists (Taiwan, China)

2. Japan and South Korea

2.1 South Korea bans THB in cosmetics

2.2 Japan to approve a new ingredient for rinse-off hair styling products

3. Southeast Asia

3.1 Amendments to ingredient use requirements adopted in 39th ACSB meeting

3.2 Indonesia amends ingredient use requirements

3.3 Thailand amends ingredient use requirements

3.4 India updates ingredient standards

4. EU, US and Canada

4.1 EU amends the use requirements for 13 nanomaterials

4.2 EU adopts 11 changes to ingredient use requirements

4.3 EU to ban 21 CMR substances in cosmetics

4.4 EU finalizes amendments to use restrictions on D4, D5, D6

4.5 Connecticut to Ban PFAS in Cosmetics

4.6 Canada amends ingredient use requirements

*The final outline may be subjected to subtle revision

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  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Hedy is an experienced cosmetic regulatory analyst in the ChemLinked team. She focuses on tracking, analyzing, and interpreting the latest cosmetic regulatory and market changes in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the rest of the Asia Pacific area. With an in-depth understanding of cosmetics regulations, she attended various industry conferences and presented several speeches in multiple industry conferences such as In-cosmetics Asia and often been interviewed by well-known cosmetics industry media. Area of expertise: China cosmetic import compliance, pre-market approval procedures, animal testing, Indonesia cosmetics halal certification, and Vietnam cosmetics compliance.
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