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Natural & Organic Cosmetics: Market Overview, Global Trends and Compliance Requirements

Pauline Raffaitin
Thursday , 2nd Feb 2023

As part of the beauty market, natural & organic cosmetic sector is an innovative and growing segment since several years. In the absence of binding regulations, private certification labels, such as COSMOS, have become the standard to provide guarantees about brands’ commitments and to answer to consumers expectations towards less harmful and more environmentally friendly cosmetic products. 

During the webinar, Pauline Raffaitin will give an overview of the natural & organic cosmetics market and some insights about the global trends to watch. Then, she will go deeper in the compliance requirements by giving some examples about regulatory constraints that apply on organic cosmetics. To finish she will also point out the differences between self-declaration such as in “Clean Beauty” trend and third-parties labels such as COSMOS certification. 

  1. Market overview for natural & organic cosmetics

  2. Global trends to watch

  3. Compliance requirements

    -Examples of regulatory constraints for organic cosmetics

       -Differences between self-declaration such as clean beauty claims and third-parties labels such as Cosmos certification

   4.  Q&A

  • Head of Home and Personal Care Business Unit
    After my studies in chemistry and agro-chemistry, I have completed a PhD on environmental impacts of waste management in collaboration with the French Environment Agency (ADEME). I joined the ECOCERT Group in 2008 and began to work on the certification of natural and organic cosmetics. After working in this filed for more than 10 years, I am expertised in natural and organic market. I’m now at the head of home and personal care business unit for the ECOCERT Group to develop these two sectors of activities on a worldwide scale. Member of the COSMOS Board, I’m working on building a strong natural & organic cosmetic standard. By certifying raw materials and cosmetics products, ECOCERT is the partner of cosmetic brands that are committed to implementing sustainable manufacturing processes, natural & organic sourcing and transparent communication.