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Navigating Cosmetic Market Analysis and Compliance Requirements in U.A.E

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Shafiq Ahmed
Wednesday , 29th May 2024
Elegant Services

The United Arab Emirates, serving as the Middle East's commercial hub and home to a diverse, affluent, and expanding population, presents significant opportunities for the global cosmetics industry. In 2022, the UAE cosmetic market was valued at USD 180.5 million, and it is anticipated to reach USD 283.3 million by 2030, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.80% from 2023 to 2030. This thriving market remains highly promising for established brands seeking expansion and new players striving to gain a portion of its highly profitable sector.

In an effort to assist brands in making a successful entry into this promising market, ChemLinked has invited Shafiq Ahmed to provide valuable insights into the U.A.E's cosmetic market. Additionally, he will offer an in-depth overview of the compliance requirements for market entry, specifically focusing on cosmetic registration and licensing obligations that new players must comply with.


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1. Insights of UAE Cosmetics Market

2. Regulatory Framework and Competent Authority

  • 2.1 Existing Main Cosmetic Regulations

  • 2.2 Competent Authority

3. Cosmetics Products Requirements

  • 3.1 Definition

  • 3.2 Classification

  • 3.3 Registration

  • 3.4 Labeling & Claims & Advertisements requirements

 4. How to sell Cosmetics in UAE

  • 4.1 Licensing Requirement 

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  • Regulatory Affairs Expert at Elegant Services
    With over 20 years of experience in fields of consultancy, business services, product registration & regulatory affairs in food, health and supplements, cosmetics and personal care product regulations of the UAE, Shafiq oversees the regulatory activities for successful product development, registration and commercialization. His expertise in aligning the brand requirements with that of the regulatory needs has helped Elegant Services establish long-term relationships with some of the biggest leaders, regionally and global.
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