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Practical Insights on Registering and Notifying Plant-derived New Cosmetic Ingredients in China

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Minjia (Nini) Ni
Monday , 25th Sep 2023

Affected by the global trend of clean beauty, consumers are increasingly seeking the safety, purity, and sustainability of beauty products. This has led to a growing recognition and popularity of plant-derived cosmetic ingredients. Potentially influenced by the market trend, in China, there has also been a significant increase in the proportion of plant-derived ingredients among notified new cosmetic ingredients (NCIs).  

To assist global stakeholders in gaining a better understanding of the challenges involved in registering and notifying plant-derived NCIs, ChemLinked is pleased to present a webinar featuring Minjia Ni, a regulatory specialist from REACH24H. Ms. Ni will introduce the regulatory background for NCIs in China, and offer detailed guidance on the practical registration and notification processes of plant-derived NCIs. 

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  • The webinar will be conducted on Zoom. Following the webinar, we will upload the presentation deck and the recording video to this webpage for your future reference.


Part I Regulatory background

Part II Essential requirements for registering and notifying plant-derived NCIs

  • Definition and classification of plant-derived ingredients

  • Regulatory requirements for plant-derived NCIs

Part III In-depth analysis of toxicological tests for plant-derived NCIs

  • Toxicological testing requirements for different situations

  • Alternative methods to animal testing

*The final outline may be subjected to subtle revision

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  • Regulatory Specialist
    Nini is an expert in the regulatory compliance concerning Chinese cosmetic ingredients. She is well-versed in the regulations governing both new and existing cosmetic ingredients, and has extensive experience in registering and notifying new cosmetic ingredients. Her expertise spans various areas, and she has provided valuable assistance to numerous internationally renowned cosmetic companies and ingredient manufacturers. This includes developing proposals for new cosmetic ingredients, overseeing ingredient testing, conducting ingredient safety assessments, and submitting ingredient’s safety information. She has played a crucial role in the registration and notification of several new cosmetic ingredients, as well as in the submission code application for thousands of ingredients.