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  • Six Terms about Lower-tier Cities in China

      ChemLinked Exclusive   17 Jan 2020   Ye Chen

    Lower-tier cities are no doubt one of the hottest topics in China’s market in 2019 and are expected to be more popular for most business giants in 2020. This article will explain six terms about lower-tier cities to help you better understand this magic market: lower-...
  • Cosmetic Marketing Strategies during Chinese New Year

      ChemLinked Exclusive   13 Jan 2020   Ye Chen

    Cosmetics brands are rolling out  New Year Collections to celebrate the upcoming Chinese year of the Rat. The three main marketing design elements used are the Rat, other traditional Chinese symbols with auspicious meanings, such as golden clouds and lantern, and...
  • China Focus: 2019 Top 10 Cosmetic Regulatory Updates

      ChemLinked Exclusive   7 Jan 2020   Winnie Xu

    2019 was an eventful year in China’s cosmetic sector, during which we witnessed many essential regulatory changes. ChemLinked has picked our top ten most important regulatory changes in 2019 which are listed below in no particular order...
  • The Skin Microbiome and Cosmetics

      ChemLinked Exclusive   6 Jan 2020   Ye Chen

    Developing products that foster healthy skin microbiome is a new product development trend in the cosmetic industry, which is attracting the attention of the major players and niche brands alike. The sector is poised to take off but is still hindered by a lack of...
  • How do foreign niche brands compete in the Chinese market? Insights from Down Under

      ChemLinked Exclusive   31 Dec 2019   Shine Hu

    ChemLinked interviewed Rick Chinn, the founder of Australian niche organic skincare brand Floropathy.  
  • Monthly Digest: China Cosmetic Industry Review | December 2019

      ChemLinked Exclusive   31 Dec 2019   Shine Hu

    ChemLinked rounded up the latest market and regulatory news in the China cosmetic sector...
  • CBD Cosmetics in China: A Long Way to Go

      ChemLinked Exclusive   27 Dec 2019   Ye Chen

    The use of cannabidiol (CBD) as an ingredient in cosmetics has been one of the biggest trends within the global beauty and personal care sector this year. In China, the use of CBD has yet to gain any traction and is hindered by strict regulations, domestic technical...
  • 8 Trends in China’s Cosmetics Industry in 2020

      ChemLinked Exclusive   19 Dec 2019   Shine Hu

    The top eight trends expected to shape China's cosmetics markets and drive consumer demand in 2020 were outlined during the first Asian Cosmetic Innovation Summit, which was held from December 16 to 17 in Shanghai.   
  • SkinCeuticals, A Niche Brand Doing Big Business in China

      ChemLinked Exclusive   10 Dec 2019   Shine Hu

    SkinCeuticals, an American niche skincare brand acquired by the L'oreal group in 2006, has seen explosive sales growth in the Chinese market in recent years since its official entry in 2010.  
  • An Analysis of China’s Perfume Market

      ChemLinked Exclusive   3 Dec 2019   Ye Chen

    Perfumes, as entry-level luxury products, are becoming more popular in China. The rise of the middle class in China and the young generation’s demand for salon perfumes are the main reasons for its popularity. Special Chinese scents, natural ingredients, salon perfumes,...