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  • Ampoules in China’s Cosmetic Sector: From Niche to Common

      ChemLinked Exclusive   20 Nov 2019   Ye Chen

    It took just three years for ampoules (a cosmetic product sealed in a small glass to ensure the efficacy of the active ingredients) to develop from a niche product to a popular beauty product in China. Many factors have contributed to the growth of this segment,...
  • CIIE 2019: China International Import Expo Showcases Diversified Scope of Maternal and Baby Care Products

      ChemLinked Exclusive   14 Nov 2019   Shine Hu

    At this year's CIIE, the Quality Lifestyle Exhibition Section set many new areas for maternal and baby care products and offered a precious opportunity for international enterprises to test the waters of China's market.  
  • Shanghai MPA Official Details Cosmetic Filing Format/Compliance Review Key Points

      ChemLinked Exclusive   11 Nov 2019   Angelita Hu

    On Nov. 7, during China's 2nd International Import Expo (CIIE), Liu Shu, Cosmetic Development Director at Center for Certification and Evaluation of Shanghai MPA outlined the...
  • Monthly Digest: China Cosmetic Industry Review | October 2019

      ChemLinked Exclusive   30 Oct 2019   Shine Hu

    ChemLinked rounded up the latest market and regulatory news in the China cosmetic sector...
  • How to Develop a DTC Brand in China?

      ChemLinked Exclusive   24 Oct 2019   Ye Chen

    The success of direct to consumer brands in the U.S can be amongst other things attributed to the simple design of the products, lower prices, and targeted marketing strategies. However, the DTC strategies that work in the US may not be applicable in China. China’s...
  • China Upcoming Cosmetic Regulatory Framework

      ChemLinked Exclusive   30 Sep 2019   Angelita Hu

    At the 2019 China Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries Annual Meeting an official from NMPA disclosed that 11 regulations are to be released...
  • Natural and Organic Cosmetics in China: The Problems Behind the Hype

      ChemLinked Exclusive   20 Sep 2019   Ye Chen

    “Natural”, “organic” “clean label” “sustainably sourced” etc. are new drivers of consumer purchasing preference in China’s cosmetics sector. Cosmetic enterprises are increasingly incorporating some or all of these elements during new product development, marketing...
  • Trends Hub: 1k+ New Products Hit Taobao Maker Festival 2019

      ChemLinked Exclusive   19 Sep 2019   Shine Hu

    Lancôme is showcasing its second generation of Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate in this year’s Taobao Maker Festival.  
  • Why are South Korean Cosmetics Sales Stagnant in China?

      Editorial   28 Jun 2019   Hedy He

    South Korean Cosmetics Brands are positioned as affordable products in China, however in recent years efficacy and quality issues have dented consumer confidence and negatively impacted sales. South Korean cosmetics brand marketing strategies are not localized. Chinese...
  • 2 Phenomena and 3 Trends We Can See From This Year’s 618

      ChemLinked Exclusive   21 Jun 2019   Ye Chen

    From 618 shopping festival data, we can see: China’s cosmetic market is still a top market with some new growth points. Lipstick is still the queen of beauty products. “Niche countries” show explosive power. Men may be the new purchasing power in the cosmetics market...