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  • Guangdong Develops New Cosmetic Quality Administrative Framework

      ChemLinked Exclusive   28 Dec 2015   Albert Lee

    In order to strengthen administration of cosmetic products and standardize activities of cosmetic operation, Guangdong FDA drafted Cosmetic Quality Administration Guidelines for Cosmetic Operators.
  • Children's Cosmetics Need Stricter Administration in China

      Editorial   9 Dec 2015   Albert Lee

    As New Year approaches, many Chinese children are preparing performances. Allergic reactions to cosmetics are common even among children using “cosmetics for children”. Gu Lihong, a reporter from Shenyang Evening News discovered that these so-called “...
  • CRAC Special Report: Further Reform of China’s Cosmetic Regulations on the Cards

      ChemLinked Exclusive   26 Nov 2015   

    The upward growth pattern spanning the last ten years shows a strong correlation between regulatory reform and market development. The most significant areas in reform work can be categorized into 3 key areas.
  • CFDA Cosmetic Division Director Gives Practical Advice

      ChemLinked Exclusive   24 Nov 2015   Albert Lee

    From November 19th to 20th 2015, the First Cosmetic Engineer Summit of Asia Pacific was held at Zhujiang Hotel, Guangzhou City. The theme of this summit was “Safety, Fusion, Innovation, and Cooperation”. During this summit, Liu Baojun, the director of cosmetic...
  • 3 Reasons China’s Cosmetic Standards Need Reform

      Editorial   13 Nov 2015   

    Growth in China’s cosmetics industry means that the health hazards posed by cosmetic ingredients are more significant than ever before. China needs to address the strengths and weakness of its current patchwork of standards and reformulate, amend and...
  • China Cosmetic Adverse Reaction Monitoring in Need of a Makeover

      Editorial   12 Nov 2015   

    Despite China’s growing demand for cosmetics with diversified functions, the country currently lacks an efficient system to deal with adverse reactions arising from the numerous new cosmetic products introduced every year. According to research by Chenxing,...
  • Lax Regulation Needs Revamp to Combat Child Cosmetic Issues

      Editorial   5 Nov 2015   

    Problematic child cosmetics have become an increasingly worrying issue in China in recent years. Lately, a spot check to 123 batches of cosmetics by Yangzhou FDA in Jiangsu Province revealed an alarming 12.5% of child cosmetics failed in a number of tests.
  • China Needs to Improve Imported Cosmetics Regulations and Standards

      Editorial   5 Nov 2015   Albert Lee

    Nowadays imported cosmetic products are becoming more and more popular with Chinese consumers. From January to July, China imported 41 thousand tons of cosmetic products worth 1 billion 674 million US dollars. The increased influx of imported cosmetics is...
  • China Cosmetics: 7 Recent Regulatory Milestones and Horizon Scanning

      Editorial   3 Nov 2015   

    China currently boasts the world’s second largest cosmetic market with sales value close to 30 million Yuan last year, an 8.8% share of the global total. In parallel with outstanding trade performance, China’s regulatory system has undergone monumental...
  • Expert Guidance on Technical Review of Special-use Cosmetics

      ChemLinked Exclusive   30 Oct 2015   

    Technical review is an essential phase in the notification of special-use cosmetics under the current certification system--“Administrative Permit”. The review is carried out by an expert committee summoned by CFDA that constitutes four panels of experts, known...