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  • Why are South Korean Cosmetics Sales Stagnant in China?

      Editorial   28 Jun 2019   Hedy He

    South Korean Cosmetics Brands are positioned as affordable products in China, however in recent years efficacy and quality issues have dented consumer confidence and negatively impacted sales. South Korean cosmetics brand marketing strategies are not localized. Chinese...
  • China Cruelty Free Cosmetics: An Interview With Cruelty Free International

      ChemLinked Exclusive   17 Jul 2018   Paul O Brien

    Cruelty free is a both a hugely contentious and polarizing issue for the global cosmetics industry. Despite global trends towards cruelty free best exemplified by the blanket bans on animal testing of cosmetics imposed in Europe and India, China has...
  • Korea Supplements Provision for Customized Cosmetic Authentication System

      ChemLinked Exclusive   22 Mar 2018   Jo Zhou

    Korea issued an updated provision to support the newly promulgated customized cosmetic authentication system. Recently, Korea issued a specific law to regulate the customized cosmetic authentication system which will be enacted on Feb.20th 2019 (see news on CL). To...
  • Korea Drafted Regulation of Customized Cosmetic Authentication System

      ChemLinked Exclusive   6 Mar 2018   Jo Zhou

    Korea issued specific law to regulate customized cosmetic authentication system. The law will officially be enacted on Feb.20th 2019 and effective on Feb.20th 2020. In the new regulation draft, cosmetic manufacturing/ sale business will be divided into three types in the future: 1) cosmetic...
  • Korea to Make Safety Proof of Children Cosmetic Compulsory

      ChemLinked Exclusive   27 Feb 2018   Jo Zhou

    Korea is planning to amend the Cosmetic Act to make safety proof of infant/children cosmetics compulsory. Manufacturers and sellers producing infant or children cosmetics should produce, publicize and keep the following information...
  • Korea to Align Cosmetic Regulations with ASEAN Member Countries by 2019

      ChemLinked Exclusive   29 Jan 2018   Jo Zhou

    MFDS will form a new council with ASEAN member countries to create standardized cosmetic regulations for the South Asian cosmetic market by 2019...
  • Korea to Reinforce Hygiene Management of Cosmetic Product Samples

      ChemLinked Exclusive   18 Jan 2018   Jo Zhou

    An inspection revealed that most of the product test samples in cosmetic shops are contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms. The MFDS pressed the Consumer Associations to formulate rules to regulate the cosmetic test samples. The inspection investigated 42 kinds...
  • Korea to Revise Cosmetic Safety Information Review Method

      ChemLinked Exclusive   21 Dec 2017   Jo Zhou

    According to No.334 Executive Order, MFDS will revise the "Cosmetic Safety Information Management" which relates to review time and methods...
  • Korean Authorities Considering Designating Solid Soap and Epilating Wax as Cosmetics

      ChemLinked Exclusive   15 Dec 2017   Jo Zhou

    From Dec 11th to 18th 2017, Korean authorities will meet to discuss designating solid soap and epilating wax as cosmetics...
  • Korea to Set Up Natural/Organic Cosmetic Certification System

      ChemLinked Exclusive   21 Aug 2017   Jo Zhou

    To meet new market demand and reinforce management of personalized cosmetics such as natural/organic cosmetics, Korea's MFDS is proposing to set up a Natural/Organic Cosmetic Certification System to better regulate these new categories....