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  • Japan to Adjust Cosmetic/Quasi Drug Manufacture and Sale Licenses Application Requirements

      Official Release   18 Apr 2017   Jo Zhou

    To align with the revised "Standard for Quasi Drug Ingredient 2006", Japan MHLW will adjust the requirements for cosmetic manufacture and sale license applications. The revision of "Standard" amends 11 testing methods and 10 quality requirements of ingredients...
  • Japan Released Amendment of Standard of Quasi Drug Ingredients 2006

      Official Release   18 Apr 2017   Jo Zhou

    Japan MHLW revised its overall standards for raw ingredients used in quasi drug on Mar 30, 2017. The amendment mainly refers to general testing methods changing of some items and quality standard modification of several ingredients...
  • Japan Adjust Concentration Limit of Fluoride Used In Medicated Toothpaste

      Official Release   13 Apr 2017   Jo Zhou

    The permitted maximum concentration of fluoride used in medicated toothpaste (except for liquid form) in Japan has been raised to 1500ppm (previously 1000ppm). Toothpaste with fluoride (concentration surpass 1000ppm and below 1500ppm) will be treated as a quasi...
  • Japan Publish English Translation of Revised Quality Standard of Permanent Wave Agent

      Official Release   10 Apr 2017   Jo Zhou

    Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) published the whole English translation of revised "Standard for Marketing Approval of Permanent Wave Agent" with attached "Qality Standard of Permanent Wave Agent". MHLW amended..
  • Japan Defines Permanent Wave Agent Marketing Approval

      Official Release   16 Jan 2017   Angelita Hu

    Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) is soliciting public consultation on the amendments to "Standards for Marketing Approval of Permanent Wave Agents" until Jan 25 2017. Japan divides the application for marketing approval into two types...
  • Japan Updates Quasi Drugs Additives Positive List

      Official Release   20 Oct 2016   Angelita Hu

    The previous version of positive list of additives in quasi drugs was published on Mar 27 2008. In October 2016 Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) promulgated a revision to the list. The new list...
  • Japan Bans 19 Ingredients for Use in Medicated Soaps

      Official Release   9 Oct 2016   Angelita Hu

    Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) announced the ban of 19 kinds of ingredients for use in medicated soaps including medicated hand wash, medicated shower gel and medicated facial cleansing.
  • Japan Revises Standards for Quasi Drugs Additives

      Official Release   10 Aug 2016   Angelita Hu

    Japan PMDA released “Standards for Quasi Drugs Additives 2016”, a revision of the Standards 2015. There are no big changes to the Standards.  The contents of IB-0028 non-woven fabric have been deleted. The changes...
  • Japan Requires Companies to Add Two Warnings on Instructions for Use of Hair Dyes Products

      Official Release   22 Jul 2016   Angelita Hu

    Japan recently announced that companies shall add two warnings on instructions for use of hair dyes products to ensure consumers will use the product safely. People...
  • Japan Amends Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients 2016

      Official Release   20 Jun 2016   Angelita Hu

    Last week Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare solicited public consultation on the amendments to Japanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients 2016. The amendments are mainly related to quasi drugs’...