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  • India Notifies the Draft Cosmetics Rules 2018 to the WTO

      Official Release   2 Jul 2019   Winnie Xu

    On June 21, 2019, the Draft Cosmetics Rules 2018 (G/TBT/N/IND/101) was notified to the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee of WTO...
  • India Postpones the Establishment of an Independent Cosmetics Legislative Framework

      Industry News   24 Apr 2019   Winnie Xu

    India is expected to establish a separate legislative framework to regulate the manufacture, sale and import of cosmetics in the country. India has placed the establishment of an independent cosmetics legislative framework on hiatus until the second half of 2019...
  • India Consults on the Draft Cosmetics Rules 2018

      Official Release   25 Dec 2018   Winnie Xu

    On Nov. 29, India Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued a draft cosmetics regulation—Cosmetics Rules 2018 which consists of 71 rules, 13 schedules and 24 appended forms for public consultation until Jan. 13, 2019...
  • China and India Cut Tariffs on Imported Cosmetics amid Trade War with US

      Official Release   27 Jul 2018   Winnie Xu

    Since July 1st, China has lowered import tariffs on 19 cosmetic products and India has lowered import tariffs on 26 cosmetic items. The tariffs concessions were made as part of the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA)...
  • China Cruelty Free Cosmetics: An Interview With Cruelty Free International

      ChemLinked Exclusive   17 Jul 2018   Paul O Brien

    Cruelty free is a both a hugely contentious and polarizing issue for the global cosmetics industry. Despite global trends towards cruelty free best exemplified by the blanket bans on animal testing of cosmetics imposed in Europe and India, China has...
  • India Lowers Tax Rate to 18% on 7 Types of Cosmetics

      ChemLinked Exclusive   12 Dec 2017   Jo Zhou

    In India, 178 kinds of products will now be subject to a reduced GTS tax rate (28% to 18%). 7 types of cosmetics are included...  
  • India Amended Cosmetic Manufacture and Sale License Validity and Verification

      Official Release   6 Dec 2017   Jo Zhou

    India has amended the "Drugs and Cosmetics Rules 1945" that stipulated the validity provisions for drugs and cosmetics manufacturing license and relevant manufacturing premises inspection measures. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India amended the...
  • Cosmetic Packaging in Asia: A Brief Overview of Markets and Regulation

      Editorial   25 Jul 2017   Jo Zhou

    According to data from transparency market research, the cosmetic packaging market will be valued at 330 billion dollars by 2024. The Asian market will be the major contributor. Some Asian countries especially China issued specific standards for cosmetic...
  • India Encourages Use of Non-animal Alternative Tests

      Official Release   27 Dec 2016   Angelita Hu

    Recently India Ministry of Health & Family Welfare published the notice regarding partial amendment to “Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945”. The amendments are relating to animal toxicity studies and encourage...
  • Cosmetic Registration in India Goes Online

      Official Release   2 Jun 2016   Melody Shen

    From 6 June 2016 cosmetic registration in India must be submitted online. On 30 May India Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDACO) announced that from 06 June the registration for cosmetics have to be...