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  • Cosmetic Registration in India Goes Online

      Official Release   2 Jun 2016   Melody Shen

    From 6 June 2016 cosmetic registration in India must be submitted online. On 30 May India Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDACO) announced that from 06 June the registration for cosmetics have to be...
  • Indian National Green Tribunal Seeks Ban on the Use of Microbeads

      Others   6 Apr 2016   Albert Lee

    The National Green Tribunal is a specialized body to handle environment disputes involving multidisciplinary issues in India. It was established under the National Green Tribunal Act 2010 on Oct. 18th 2010. Recently, the National Green Tribunal issued notices to...
  • India Clarifies Cosmetic Importation and Registration Guidelines

      Official Release   21 Oct 2015   Albert Lee

    India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organization just published a clarification of the cosmetic importation and registration guidelines on its official website. Clarifications specifically relate to topics like cruelty-free, certificate of Free Sale (CFS),...
  • India FDA Investigating Illegal Use of Corticosteroids in Cosmetics

      Others   18 Sep 2015   Albert Lee

    In India, the Maharashtra FDA is conducting tests on products produced by a leading cosmetic brand in its Mumbai lab after allegations of illegal use of corticosteroids were made.
  • Drugs and Cosmetics Rules Will Be Amended to Simplify Registration Procedures for Cosmetics in India

      Official Release   8 Sep 2015   Albert Lee

    Cosmetics importers in India have been demanding that the provisions relating to registration of cosmetics be simplified for quite some time. In response the health ministry then asked the Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) to examine the issue.
  • India Clarifies Imported Cosmetics Animal Testing Compliance Protocols

      Official Release   15 Jul 2015   Angelita Hu

    India Office of Drugs Controller General recently promulgated a circular to further specify the requirements for importers to comply with the ban on importation of cosmetics tested on animals.
  • Breaking Move: India Bans Import of Animal-tested Cosmetics

      Others   11 Nov 2014   Angelita Hu

    From November 13 2014, the import of animal-tested cosmetics will be officially banned, according to the notification in the Gazette of India announced by Indian Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.  The new announcement assures that cosmetics...
  • Significant Events in India’s Ban on Animal Testing

      ChemLinked Exclusive   28 May 2014   Daisy Suo

    India is celebrating an epoch in its legislative and regulatory history. After years of debate the final implementation of the amendment to the “Drugs and Cosmetics Rules” completely bans the use of domestic animal...
  • India to Ban Animal Testing on Imported Cosmetics

      Official Release   9 May 2014   Daisy Suo

    The Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has introduced a draft notification to ban the import of cosmetics tested on animals abroad. After implementation of this new legislation India will become Asia’s first...
  • India to Formalize Ban of Domestic Animal Testing in Cosmetics

      Official Release   24 Jan 2014   Daisy Suo

    On Jan 13 2014, The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare announced the draft amendment to the “Drugs and Cosmetics Rules 1945” which proposes to formalize the nationwide ban on animal testing in India’s principal...