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  • Indonesia Cuts Import Duty Exemption to USD $75

      Official Release   28 Sep 2018   Hedy He

    Indonesia will lower the import duty exemption threshold on inward postal goods from USD $100 to USD $75 starting from October 10th, 2018...
  • Indonesia to Raise Import Tariffs on Cosmetics

      Industry News   13 Sep 2018   Hedy He

    On Sep 5, 2018, Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati gave a news briefing announcing that Indonesia would increase import tariffs on 1147 consumer goods ranging from cars to shampoo.  Import tariff rates on...
  • Indonesia to Launch an Online HALAL Certification System

      ChemLinked Exclusive   7 Dec 2017   Jo Zhou

    Indonesia will launch an online HALAL certification system for foods, drugs and cosmetics in 2018. From 2018, products including cosmetics can apply for HALAL verification online. The service includes dossiers submission...
  • [Market Analysis] Halal Cosmetics Market Rapid Growth Requires Further Regulatory Development

      ChemLinked Exclusive   9 Nov 2017   Jo Zhou

    Halal cosmetics are a rapidly developing niche of the halal and mainstream market. The 100% natural ingredients commitment of halal products also attracts many non-Muslims. The increased popularity of these products requires development of a regulatory and certification system...
  • Indonesia to Reinforce Hair Dye and Sunscreen Product Regulations

      Official Release   5 Sep 2017   Jo Zhou

    To control the safety of hair dye and sunscreen products, Indonesia will regulate requirements on ingredients used in these products such as Methylisothiazolinone, Deoxarbutin, Alpha Arbutin, Beta Arbutin and Plastic Microbeads. Deoxyarbutin/ alpha...
  • ASEAN Explains Revision of Cosmetic Directive

      ChemLinked Exclusive   18 Aug 2017   Jo Zhou

    Apart from amendments of ingredients requirements on 26th ACSB (see news on CL), ASEAN Cosmetic Committee also discussed further revision of the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive during a recent meeting. Methylisothiazonlinone (M1 or MIT) in Rinse-off product,...
  • Cosmetic Packaging in Asia: A Brief Overview of Markets and Regulation

      Editorial   25 Jul 2017   Jo Zhou

    According to data from transparency market research, the cosmetic packaging market will be valued at 330 billion dollars by 2024. The Asian market will be the major contributor. Some Asian countries especially China issued specific standards for cosmetic...
  • ASEAN Revises and Supplements Cosmetic Ingredient Standards (2017-2018)

      ChemLinked Exclusive   6 Jul 2017   Jo Zhou

    ASEAN held the 26th ACSB Meeting during which it revised cosmetic ingredients requirements, shortly after ASEAN released the last revision list a month ago (see news: ASEAN Added New Standards for Cosmetics Ingredients in Lists (2016-2017) on CL). ASEAN...
  • ASEAN Added New Standards for Cosmetics Ingredients in Lists (2016-2017)

      ChemLinked Exclusive   12 Jun 2017   Jo Zhou

    Take home:From 2016 to 2017, ASEAN continuingly revised cosmetic ingredients standards and added new ingredients requirements to each standard list. The majority of recent amendments are already in force, and the rest will be implemented on 30 Nov 2017...
  • Indonesia to Enhance Law Enforcement on Imported Cosmetics

      Others   5 Jan 2017   Angelita Hu

    Indonesia POM disclosed that in 2016 they found 9071 types of illegal imported cosmetics with a total value of more than 77.9 billion IDR. The illegal cosmetics included cosmetics containing hazardous...