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  • Malaysia Abolishes Goods and Services Tax

      Official Release   19 Jun 2018   Hedy He

    Goods and Services tax rate in Malaysia has officially dropped from 6% to 0% since June 1, 2018. The measures are applicable to local and imported goods and services, but do not cover goods and services that have been exempted from...
  • Malaysia Detailed Information about Amended Requirements on Part of Cosmetic Ingredients

      Official Release   6 Mar 2018   Jo Zhou

    Malaysia revised cosmetic ingredients requirements listed in Annexes of Guidelines for Control of Cosmetic Products in Malaysia. NPRA detailed information about how to deal with these amendments. Annex 2 List of Prohibited Substances...
  • Malaysia Outlines Cosmetic Prohibited Product Names

      Official Release   18 Jan 2018   Jo Zhou

    The NPRA prohibits cosmetics to use the same or similar names as previously revoked/banned products when applying for notification...
  • Malaysia Repeals Notification of Cosmetics Containing Hydorquinone, Tretinoin and Mercury

      Official Release   25 Apr 2017   Jo Zhou

    Malaysia urgently repealed notification of cosmetics products containing Hydorquinone, Tretinoin and Mercury. Retailers or distributors of these cosmetics are subject to fines of up to RM25, 000 or could face imprisonment. As an ASEAN member...
  • Malaysia: Revises Guidelines for Control of Cosmetics Products

      Official Release   9 Mar 2017   Jo Zhou

    Malaysia revised its "Guidelines for Control of Cosmetics Products" (replacing the 2008 edition), which serves as the standard for the cosmetic notification process including quality control, inspection and post-market surveillance. This guideline...  
  • ASEAN Updates Cosmetic Ingredient Technical Requirements

      Official Release   31 Aug 2016   Angelita Hu

    During ASEAN’s semi-annual meeting the ASEAN Cosmetic Committee proposed several changes to technical requirements for specific ingredients.
  • Malaysia NPCB Regulates Manufacturing of Insect Repelling Products

      Official Release   24 Jun 2016   Angelita Hu

    Considering the huge demand NPCB made an exception that if the active ingredients of a product manufactured are listed in the Drug Registration Guidance Document (DRGD) those products are...
  • ASEAN Ban 3-Benzylidene Camphor and Add 9 Restricted Hair Dyes

      Official Release   7 Jun 2016   Angelita Hu

    During the 23rd ACC Meeting and its related events, several amendments to ACD technical documents were proposed and passed. Corresponding grace periods for different countries were simultaneously...
  • Malaysia to Ban 3-Benzylidene Camphor from July 1 2016

      Official Release   5 May 2016   Angelita Hu

    Malaysia National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) recently announced it will ban 3-benzylidene camphor from July 1 2016. Currently it is allowed to be used under the limit of 2.0%. The adjustment was...
  • ASEAN Bans Five Parabens in Cosmetics

      Official Release   3 Aug 2015   Angelita Hu

    Since August 1 2015, products containing any of the above parabens are banned in ASEAN except for Thailand and Philippines where the grace period for existing products in the market is until until 31 Dec 2015 .