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  • Philippines Adopts New License to Operate Format

      Official Release   12 Jun 2016   Angelita Hu

    On June 7 Philippines FDA released and adopted a new format of License to Operate (LTO) for establishments. The new mandatory format requirement is a supplement to the Order No. 2016-003 “Guidelines on the Unified...
  • ASEAN Ban 3-Benzylidene Camphor and Add 9 Restricted Hair Dyes

      Official Release   7 Jun 2016   Angelita Hu

    During the 23rd ACC Meeting and its related events, several amendments to ACD technical documents were proposed and passed. Corresponding grace periods for different countries were simultaneously...
  • Unnotified Chinese-brand Cosmetics Sold Online Sealed by the Philippine FDA

      Official Release   18 May 2016   Melody Shen

    Recently, a line of Chinese brand cosmetics sold online are seal by the Philippine FDA for the lack of proper authorization. With unsound regulations and scrutinize, the cosmetic online...
  • Philippines to Adopt A New Application System for LTO

      Official Release   6 May 2016   Angelita Hu

    On May 2 2016, Philippines Food and Drug Administration announced that it is to adopt a new application process and form for License to Operate (LTO) which is navigable and accessible on FDA Electronic Portal...
  • Philippines Declares Five Parabens as Banned Ingredients

      Official Release   25 Apr 2016   Angelita Hu

    In line with the decision made during the 21st ASEAN Cosmetic Committee (ACC) Meeting and its Related Events in Manila, Philippines declares the following ingredients are no longer allowed to be used in the formulation of cosmetic...
  • Philippines to Develop its Halal Cosmetics Market

      ChemLinked Exclusive   16 Feb 2016   Albert Lee

    The Philippine’s Halal Export Development and Promotion Act of 2015 has just been passed by both Houses of The Philippines Congress on February 1st 2016. This Act along with other bills which cover beauty and personal care, medicines and meat products looks to...
  • EcoWaste Coalition Urges Cosmetics Companies to Recall Products Containing Banned Ingredients in Philippines

      Others   22 Jan 2016   Albert Lee

    The EcoWaste Coalition, a toxics product watchdog group in Philippines, urged manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers of cosmetics containing banned ingredients to promptly recall their non-compliant products.
  • ASEAN Bans Five Parabens in Cosmetics

      Official Release   3 Aug 2015   Angelita Hu

    Since August 1 2015, products containing any of the above parabens are banned in ASEAN except for Thailand and Philippines where the grace period for existing products in the market is until until 31 Dec 2015 .
  • Philippines Details Grace Periods for Implementation of Amendments to ASEAN Cosmetic Directive

      Official Release   6 May 2015   Angelita Hu

    Philippines Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has consulted representatives of the different sectors of the cosmetic industry through a series of regular meetings to get their feedback on a feasible and fair grace period.
  • Philippines Cracks Down on Lead of Violative Levels in Cosmetics

      Others   15 Feb 2015   Angelita Hu

    Recently, Philippines Regional Field Office-National Capital Region (RFO-NCR) tested all unnotified cosmetic products for the mercury, lead and arsenic as part of the post marketing surveillance. 4 cosmetic products were detected with high levels of lead...