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  • ASEAN Revises Sunscreen Labelling Guideline

      ChemLinked Exclusive   20 Jan 2015   Ben Teoh

    During the 21st meeting of the ASEAN Cosmetics Committee and ASEAN Cosmetics Scientific Body, the ASEAN Sunscreen Labelling Guideline was heatedly discussed by the representatives from all the member states of ASEAN, the ASEAN Secretariat...
  • ASEAN Cosmetics Directory Further Aligns With EU Regulations

      ChemLinked Exclusive   20 Jan 2015   Ben Teoh

    The ASEAN Cosmetics Committee and ASEAN Cosmetics Scientific Body reviewed and implemented a series of EU regulations at their 21st meeting. Several EU regulations were entered into the ASEAN Cosmetics Directory (ACD).
  • Philippines Bans the Use of Lead in Cosmetics

      Others   20 Jan 2014   Daisy Suo

    The Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) enacted DENR Administrative Order No. 2013-24 on 23 Dec 2013, the content of which officially promulgated the Chemical Control Order (CCO) for Lead and Lead...
  • Philippines FDA Updates E-notification Template for Cosmetic Products

      Official Release   23 Sep 2013   Echo Cao

    On 12 Sept 2013, Philippines FDA released the Circular 2013-036 to update the e-notification template for cosmetics,which covers the following new features.
  • Philippines Cracks Down on Excessive Lead in Lipsticks

      Others   11 Sep 2013   Echo Cao

    Philippines FDA recently warned the public against buying lipsticks that are not notified with the FDA for those products may contain high levels of heavy metals, especially lead.
  • The Recall Result of Kanebo Cosmetics Containing Rhododenol in Philippines

      Industry News   2 Aug 2013   Echo Cao

    After discovering that skin whitening products with the ingredient “Rhododenol” may cause uneven coloring, Kanebo announced on 4 July 2013 to voluntarily recall those products across Asia.  The FDA will prohibit this kind of...
  • More Mercury-tainted Skin-whitening Cosmetics Discovered in Philippines

      Others   2 Aug 2013   Echo Cao

    7 skin-whitening cosmetic products with high level of mercury were discovered in Davao City by the EcoWaste Coalition and IDIS. One of the illegal products even contains mercury up to 6,633 ppm, more than 6,000 times the limit (1 ppm) set by the ASEAN...
  • Philippine FDA Bans 16 Unauthorized Cosmetic Products

      Others   24 Jul 2013   Echo Cao

    Recently, 16 whitening products, verified to obtain no market authorization from Philippines FDA and made not in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice, are banned to be sold.
  • Philippines FDA Updates the Guidelines for Licensing Cosmetic Establishments

      Official Release   7 Feb 2013   Echo Cao

    Recently, the Philippines FDA has released two circulars regarding the cosmetic products notification and the licensing of the cosmetic establishments.