• Glory Guo

    Chinese Consumerism: Failing or Evolving?

      28 May 2019  Market  921

    Pinduoduo is an innovative and fast-growing e-commerce platform that provides a dynamic shopping experience using “Pin”, a group purchasing model that integrates social experiences with online shopping...
  • Hedy He

    Chinese Cosmetic Consumers: Trends and Forecasts

      9 May 2019  Market  1294

    In a background of slowing economic growth and a palpable downturn in the willingness of Chinese consumers to spend, China’s cosmetic sector is a bright point which has maintained impressive growth. According to data from China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS),...
  • Hedy He

    A Compendium of South Korean Cosmetic Regulatory Updates

      28 Mar 2019  Regulation  1428

    South Korea’s latest updates for cosmetic regulations focus on 5 key areas:  cosmetic business reclassification; natural and organic cosmetics certification system; extension of functional cosmetics review applicants’ scope; submission of the list of cosmetic raw...
  • Anne Peng

    The Post Ecommerce Law Era: How are Daigou Doing?

      11 Mar 2019  Regulation  1498

    News about the demise of daigou have been greatly exaggerated. Many daigou  are atill  alive despite risks...
  • Hedy He

    Latest Updates and Problems may Occur on Indonesian Halal Certification

      11 Mar 2019  Regulation  1303

    Indonesia is the fourth biggest country in the world with about 260 million people, of whom more than 86% are Islamic, making Indonesia the largest Muslim country in the world. Muslims have strict standards on diet and consumer products. For the same kind of products,...
  • ParkLu

    The Truth About KOLs’ Impact on China E-commerce Sales

      28 Jan 2019  Market  1593

    If a brand can understand the unique value of a KOL impression, they can refine predictive metrics that will lead to KOL initiatives which guarantee ROI...