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Requirements for Exemption from Quality Inspection of Imported Cosmetics

  •   10 May 2016
  •    Angelita Hu
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    • Requirements for Exemption from Quality Inspection of Imported Cosmetics

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    • Implementation date: 2014-12-30
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    The provisions are formulated pursuant to Article 5 of the Cosmetics Law and Article 11 of the Ministry Regulation on The Cosmetics Law for the purpose of stipulating necessary detailed matters concerning application procedures, submission materials and evaluation method, as well as certification cancellation, for cosmetics manufacturers and distributors to get the exemption of import cosmetics from quality inspection when they apply for on-site inspection to the manufacturers of import cosmetics, so as to make contributions to the smooth development of import cosmetics quality inspection.


    Article 1 (Purpose)

    Article 2 (Inspection application)

    Article 3 (Submission materials)

    Article 4 (On-site inspection and evaluation methods)

    Article 5 (Evaluation and certification method)

    Article 6 (Expenditure bearing)

    Article 7.1 (Afterward management)

    Article 7.2 (Cancellation procedures of on-site inspection evaluation and certification)

    Article 8 (Re-verification time limit)

    Template 1. Application form of on-site inspection for import cosmetics manufacturers

    Template 2. Certification of onsite inspection evaluation for imported cosmetics manufacturers