China Guidelines for Cosmetic Efficacy Claim Evaluation (Draft for Comments)

China Guidelines for Cosmetic Efficacy Claim Evaluation (Draft for Comments)

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  • Release Date:Sep 01, 2020
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Formerly, there were no requirements for other cosmetic efficacy claims except for sunscreens and the waterproof efficacy of sunscreen products. The CSAR released on June 29 stipulates that Efficacy claims of cosmetics should be supported by a sufficient scientific basis.

Followed that, China NIFDC released the draft Guidelines for Cosmetic Efficacy Claim Evaluation for public consultation on September 1, 2020. The Guidelines clarify the evaluation principles, exemptions, accepted evaluation methods and institutions, obligations of institutions and registrants/notifiers, necessary content in the evaluation report, etc.

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Article I Purpose

Article II Scope of application)

Article III Subjects of responsibility

Article IV General principles

Article V Scope of efficacy evaluation

Article VI Exemption from efficacy evaluation

Article VII Requirements for new efficacy evaluation

Article VIII Selection of evaluation methods

Article IX Selection of evaluation agency

Article X Requirements for evaluation agency

Article XI Requirements for evaluation

Article XII Basic principles of human trials

Article XIII Basic principles of consumer use test

Article XIV Basic principles of laboratory test)

Article XV Requirements for literatures

Article XVI Cross reference for the freckle-removing and whitening efficacy

Article XVII Efficacy claim evaluation report

Article XVIII Summary of efficacy claim evaluation)

Article XIX Archiving for reference

Article XX Terms and definitions

Table 1 Principles of efficacy claim evaluation

Annex 1 Guidelines for human trials

Annex 2 Guidelines for consumer use test

Annex 3 Guidelines for laboratory test

Annex 4 Guidelines for cross reference of efficacy evaluation on freckle-removing and whitening cosmetics

Annex 5 Abstract of Cosmetic Efficacy Claim Evaluation (Template)