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  • Brunei MoH Uncovers 13 Cosmetics Adulterated with Illegal Ingredients

      Official Release   15 Aug 2018   Winnie Xu

    Cosmetics tainted with Mercury, Hydroquinone and Tretinoin are prohibited to be imported and sold in Brunei...
  • China National Drug Administration 3 Stipulation Scheme Unveiled

      ChemLinked Exclusive   14 Aug 2018   Hedy He

    3 Stipulation Scheme clarifies the responsibilities and division of labor between the newly formed SAMR and subordinate CNDA departments. A Cosmetic Safety Supervision Department is newly...
  • Guangdong Opens a New Port for Filing Management

      Official Release   13 Aug 2018   Winnie Xu

    In accordance with the previous CFDA (now SAMR)’s scheme to expand Pudong filing management to more locations, Hengqin New Area of Guangdong free trade zone has been newly designated as a port capable of offering filing management...
  • China SAMR 3 Stipulation Scheme Unveiled

      ChemLinked Exclusive   10 Aug 2018   Yilia Ye

    In general, SAMR takes overall charge of market supervision (food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, Chinese medicine). SAMR is responsible for all work previously undertaken by CFDA...
  • SAMR Cracking Down on Counterfeit Cosmetics

      Official Release   9 Aug 2018   Hedy He

    On Aug 2, 2018, SAMR announced the implementation of 4 countermeasures to crack down on counterfeit and substandard goods in the supply chain, including cosmetics...
  • China Launches a New Integrated Custom-Inspection Declaration System

      Official Release   9 Aug 2018   Winnie Xu

    Following on from the largescale institutional reform realized in March 2018, a new integrated Custom-Inspection Declaration System has been implemented by China Customs to streamline the declaration processes and improve efficiency...
  • Taiwan Releases 4 Cosmetic Regulation Drafts

      Official Release   7 Aug 2018   Hedy He

    On Jul 19, Jul 23, Jul 24 and Jul 27, 2018, TFDA released 4 cosmetic regulation drafts, “Administrative Measures for Registration Exemption Application of Imported Special-use Cosmetics”, “Administrative Measures...
  • Australia Officially Levy 10% GST on CBEC Cosmetics since July 1

      Official Release   7 Aug 2018   Winnie Xu

    Australia has extended the scope of 10% GST (the Good and Service Tax) to low-value CBEC cosmetics. Imported cosmetic stakeholders whose annual sales volumes over A$75,000 in Australia are required to register in ATO, lodge tax returns and pay GST...
  • China Planning Additional Tariffs on 5207 US Imported Product Categories

      Official Release   6 Aug 2018   Winnie Xu

    China prepares to place tariffs on $60 billion worth of imported U.S. products amid its escalating tariff war with the US...
  • Future Trend of China’s CBEC Policy Revealed

      Editorial   3 Aug 2018   Yilia Ye

    Taking CBEC's features into consideration, the new requirements for CBEC may be more flexible and simplified compared with the previous ones stipulated on 2016.4.8...