How Will China Regulate the Pregnancy/ Breastfeeding Cosmetics and Children Cosmetics? China will implement a brand-new cosmetic regulation framework from Jan 1, 2021. Pregnancy/breastfeeding cosmetics and children cosmetics will be subject to a change of regulatory requirements accordingly.
Malaysia to Implement Updated Halal Certification Procedure Manual, Halal Management System and Standards in 2021 Malaysian Halal Certification Procedure Manual (domestic) 2020, Malaysian Halal Management System 2020, and Malaysian Standard 2019, the main references for halal certification, will be implemented on January 1, 2021...
China NIFDC Consults on Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients (IECIC) 2015 IECIC 2015 is now open for public consultation. Cosmetic stakeholders can propose revisions to the naming accuracy and safety of ingredients in the IECIC 2015...
A Look into Chinese Consumers and Sustainable Products A look into Chinese consumers perspective on Sustainable products and attitude towards premium buying.
How Far Will Clean Beauty Go? Statistics show that Clean Beauty, self-defined as products with formulas free from any controversial ingredient showcased in more environmentally friendly packaging, has already imposed itself as a staple for a large part of consumers helped by countless label-deciphering applications. This thirst for reassuring concepts, both in style and content, has flooded on the hygiene and skincare segments, but also gradually in the makeup and all other beauty categories. As it is rising with a broadening offering, this wave is laying the foundations for a new era marked by the sanitary crisis.
Monthly Digest: China Cosmetics Industry Review | September 2020 ChemLinked rounded up the latest market and regulatory news in the China cosmetic sector...
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