• Winnie Xu

    China Customs Inspection: Guidance on the Consignee Filing of Imported Cosmetics

      12 Jul 2019  Regulation  41

    China's inspection and quarantine system of imported cosmetics can be divided into three phases: 1) the customs’ filing management of imported cosmetics consignees before import; 2) the inspection and quarantine of imported cosmetics at ports, which includes inspection...
  • T.S. Li

    Advertising Cosmetics in South Korea (Advertising Requirements and Non-compliance Examples)

      10 Jul 2019  Regulation  109

    By advertising, companies can improve visibility, increase demand and sales and support growth in the Korean market, however, compliance with advertising requirements and other regulatory requirements can be difficult and mistakes costly. In this article, we will...
  • Ye Chen

    Male Cosmetics in China: Handsome Profits on Offer

      8 Jul 2019  Market  148

    Male cosmetics may be a market with huge potential in China as several high-quality internet reports' data have suggested this marketing trend and large multinationals have been accelerating their China market entry campaigns in this segment.
  • Glory Guo

    Maintaining Growth amidst Slowing Chinese Consumerism: Consumption Differentiation

      8 Jul 2019  Market  115

    The rise of internet famous celebrities has given rise to the phenomenon of KOL marketing in which certain brands use internet stars and other famous people to create online content either directly or indirectly advertising their products. Top tier KOLs have high...
  • Agility

    China Cosmetics Import Compliance: Focus on Customs Inspection and Quarantine

      27 Jun 2019  Regulation  599

    China’s promising cosmetic market means that many large multinational cosmetic brands are now entering the sector. However, China’s complicated regulatory compliance framework has been a major stumbling block. The article will interpret the compliance requirements of...
  • Glory Guo

    Chinese Consumerism: Failing or Evolving?

      28 May 2019  Market  1511

    Pinduoduo is an innovative and fast-growing e-commerce platform that provides a dynamic shopping experience using “Pin”, a group purchasing model that integrates social experiences with online shopping...