• Lemon Zhang

    China Cosmetics Market Entry Walkthrough: CIQ Inspections and Custom Clearance

      5 Aug 2016

    Take home After getting approval from CFDA, companies can begin to export cosmetics to China. Before goods reach their destination port and undergo inspection by Chinese Customs, they shall appoint an agent in China to file a record with the provincial Inspection and...
  • Inna Fu

    Whitening products regulatory status in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan

      2 Aug 2016

      China Taiwan Japan Korea Classification Special Use Cosmetics General Cosmetics (except products containing Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate) Quasi Drugs Functional Cosmetics Obligation Registration Products containing Ascorbyl...
  • Angelita Hu

    Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics 2015

      27 Jul 2016

    Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics 2015 is the overarching technical standards used for regulation of cosmetics in China. It specifies the general safety standards, defining prohibited/restricted/permitted ingredients and setting testing methods for...
  • Sander van Hertum

    A recurring question posed to China cosmetic regulatory affairs consultants

      25 Jul 2016

    Since I have been working with Reach24H Consulting Group I actually have been asked a certain question by foreign cosmetics producers more often than others. “We are thinking about the possibility of releasing our products on the Chinese market, could you please advise...
  • Lemon Zhang

    China Sunscreens Regulations

      15 Jul 2016

    In China not all products claiming sun protection are regulated as special use cosmetics that have to register with CFDA and are subject to stricter examination and review.
  • Angelita Hu

    Understanding Three Important Taxes Levied on Imported Cosmetics

      26 May 2016

    Since April 8 2016, China implemented a new tax system for CBEC commodities. The new tax system was formulated based on the limits on the permitted total value of individual consumer transactions and the aggregated annual purchasing total for all goods purchased via...