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Ringier Personal Care Technology Convention 2024

18 Jul 2024 - 19 Jul 2024
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Ringier PCT2024 has been fully upgraded, and the personal care industry technology forum series has been released. The wonderful content is the first to see!

Abstract:PCT series:Online in April,Hangzhou in April,Chengdu in May,Thailand in June,Shanghai in July,Guangzhou in November,Medical Aesthetics in September, Indonesia in December

We are expanding! PCT 2024-Bigger than ever

Content upgrade: Top brands, top experts, industry leaders publish new technologies, new trends, new regulations, etc

Form upgrade: Plenary Session, technical special session, customized forum, new technology display and release forum, etc

Media upgrade: Across technology, fashion, beauty and other media. Multi-dimensional exposure of magazines, websites, and public accounts

Award upgrade: More professional judging lineup, more complete evaluation process, and more award categories

Scale upgrade: 10,000 square meters of exhibition zone, standard exhibition, special installation, special exhibition area, etc

Why PCT?

  • Bringing together industry leaders, esteemed academics, and influential experts around the world to shape the future of personal care industry.

  • Meet best-in-class brands, Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and influencers.

  • Nurturing personal care technology and innovation for Global Impact.

  • To get the first-class insights on the fastest-growing and most promising market in the world.

  • To exchange information on the emerging market trends, technological innovations, scientific developments, and regulation update.

Advisory Committee of PCT2024

Dr. Jia Haidong, Head of R&D, Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd.  (Moderator)

Dr. Barry ZOU, General Manager of R&D Center, CHANDO Group/Jala Group

Dr. HUANG Hu, Chief Technology Officer and Global Chief Scientist, Chicmax


Dr. Weiping Mei, Chief Innovation Officer, Northeast Asia, Beiersdorf Group

Dr. Malyn UNGSURUNGSIE, Technical Director, S&J International(Thai)

Dr. Kilala Tilaar,CEO, Martha Tilaar Group(Indo)

Prof. LI Li, Dermatology, West China (Huaxi) Hospital, Sichuan University

Mr.WANG Feifei, Vice President, Yunnan Bethany Biotechnology Group/Winona

Mr. SU Ning, Cosmetics Technology Center, Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine


PCT Series Speakers:

PCT Hangzhou     Mr. WANG Wei, Vice General Manager of Quality Research and Development, Harbin Fuerjia Technology Co., LTD

PCT Hangzhou     Dr. LI Minjie, R&D Director at Nutrition, Mary Kay (China) Co., Ltd.

PCT Hangzhou     Dr. CHENG Kang, Head of the Chinese Herbal Medicine Research Center, Shanghai Inoherb Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

PCT Hangzhou     Ms. DING Yun, Vice President of R&D, MOMPICK

PCT Hangzhou     Ms. LUO LingLi,Director of Regulatory Affair, Melaleuca China

PCT Hangzhou     Ms. Hu Minqing, Deputy Director of Product Technology Development, OSM

PCT Hangzhou     Dr. MEI Weiping, Chief Innovation Officer, Northeast Asia, Innovation Center, Beiersdorf

PCT Hangzhou     Ms. Liu Yanqing, R&D Director, Kao (China) R&D Center

PCT Hangzhou     Mr. FANG Junping(Junping Big Devil), Founder& CEO of JUNPING Brand

PCT Hangzhou     Ms. Zhang Yi, Director of R&D,  Yatsen Group/Galénic

PCT Hangzhou     Mr. Li Huiliang, Chief Scientist, Florasis 

Webinar     Dr. WANG Hailong, Founder of LIGHTEN WISH

Webinar     Dr. HU Fan, Head of R&D of UNISKIN, Yinai (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

PCT-Chengdu      Mr. WEN Qingsong, Product Director, Chunyan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

PCT-Chengdu      Prof. LI Li, Dermatology, West China (Huaxi) Hospital, Sichuan University

PCT Series Distribution

Virtual EventApr.3 | "Functional cosmetics" Virtual ConferenceⅠ2024——"Anti aging"Key Words:
Emotional beauty/ biorhythm/Transdermal technology/Plant anti-aging/ Efficacy ingredients/ Sensitive anti-aging/ Anti-early old/ Anti-saccharification
April | "Functional cosmetics" Virtual ConferenceⅡ2024—"Sensitive Skin Repair"

Exhibitions:250+Exhibitiors,10000㎡Exhibition Zone,150+Speakers,

10+Thematic forums
Jul.18-19|Shanghai · China Personal Care Technology Convention 2024Key Words:
Health/Aging / Makeup/ Sustainability/ Sun Protection and Photoaging/ Hair and Scalp Care/ Regulatory testing/ Digital Technologies/ Digital Technologies/ Synthetic Biology/ Skin Health and Microbiome
November | Guangzhou · China Personal Care Technology Convention 2024

Thematic forums:

Beauty Technology, Dermatology, Light Medical Beauty, Oral Cavity

April.23| Hangzhou · China Beauty Technology and Industry Innovation Forum 2024Key Words:

Brand development/ Local

characteristics /Medical-Grade

 Skincare/ Efficacy upgrade/ Green supply chain
May.17 | Chengdu · China Skin Science Frontier Forum 2024

Key Words:

Natural extracts, fermentation ingredients, Chinese characteristic plants /synthetic biology/ streamlined skin care/ Personalized customization/microbiome
September | Shanghai · China Skin Health Management & Medical Aesthetics Seminar 2024

Key Words:

Effective resistance/Anti-sensitive repair/ repair the skin barrier/Laser/RF/ injection filling/ facial rejuvenation/ botulinum toxin/ dot matrix laser
December | Shanghai · China Oral Care Innovations Conference 2024

Key Words:

Formula development/ Resin filling/ Safety evaluation/ Orthodontic Supplies/ Beauty tooth instrument/ Oral Irrigator
Southeast AsiaJune 11-12 | Bangkok · Thailand ASEAN Personal Care Technology Summit 2024

Key Words:

Dermatology-grade skin care products/ Pure beauty makeup/ Herbal extract/ Bioactive ingredients/ Ingredients-led beauty/ green chemistry/ Cosmetics skin care /Component elimination
December 7-8 | Jakarta · Indonesia ASEAN Personal Care Technology Summit 2024

For more information on participation and sponsorship, please contact

Conference Manager:Lily Pan

Tel: 021-62895533 x 130


Registration link:


PCT founded in 2004 by Ringier Trade Media/Happi China Magazine, has become an influential personal care industry event in Asia Pacific. Our aim is to communicate the most advanced technology, ideas and business experience. More than 1000 cosmetics companies and 5000+ individuals joined us in 2023’s PCT Guangzhou.

PCT2023 Guangzhou marked a significant milestone emerging as the largest in the event’s history. With over 250 exhibitors spanning over 6000 square meters, the event exceeded all previous records, drawing in more than 50,00 visitors. This incredible turnout solidifies PCT’s reputation as a premier platform for industry professionals and leaders to come together and explore the latest trends, technical innovation in the personal care sector.


Further Information
  • Contact person : Lily Pan
  • Tel: 021-62895533 ext.130
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