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PCT2023-Personal Care Technology Convention 2023

22 Nov 2023 - 23 Nov 2023
Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center
Happi China/Ringier Trade Media
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Ringier 's Personal Care Technology Convention (PCT), as a great platform for exchange technology idea and networking, has achieved great results and won unanimous praise. In 2023edition, we will invite government officials, brand leaders, and technical experts to discuss hot topics including cosmetics regulatory supervision, formulation development, efficacy evaluation, and channel innovation.


Conference Highlights:

3000+ industry representatives and R&D personnel participated in the grand event ------B2B conference focusing on cosmetics R&D and formula technology exchange

200+ "one-on-one" business negotiations --the preferred platform for broadening contacts and accurate docking

100+ celebrities and experts sharing - insight into business opportunities, interpretation of cutting-edge R&D, and common development

Main venue + 8 technical sessions --Focus on industry technology hot spots, regulatory dynamics, hot trends

Multi-dimensional and all-round continuous exposure, pre-conference, mid-post continuous exposure ------ "magazine, Public account, website "high-density exposure before, during and after the conference, authoritative cooperative media to achieve worldwide radiation effect

7000 Display area --250+ exhibitors will show you new raw materials, new products and new ideas in the industry

Factory visit - cooperate with Chengxing Machinery to take you to experience the intelligent manufacturing practice behind Guangzhou's digital factory

Special activities in the exhibition zone & black technology experience - the forum focuses on the transformation of academic achievements, marketing, trends, and product strategies; Black Technology Experience Area; "Treasure Hunt" check-in activity


Hot topics

Plenary   Session:
  Product Innovation & Science Communication in the Beauty Industry
  The growth logic of cutting-edge brands
  How can the supply chain help brand development?
  Sustainability / Technology Innovation / Marketing Strategy / Market   Management / Consumer Insights

Moisturizing   & Anti-aging
  Development and application of anti-aging   active ingredients
  Anti-aging of sensitive skin / A-alcohol anti-aging / plant anti-aging
  Anti-aging technology: anti-aging product development
  Skin aging mechanism and care

Skin   Microbiome
  Skin barrier function and microbiome research
  Biological fermentation technology and skin microecology
  Development of different technical pathways of microecology:   prebiotics/probiotics/postbiotics
  Scalp microbial community composition and its interactions

Cosmetics Regulations & Inspections
  Raw material management practices and product registration and Filing
  Toxicological assessment and testing under the new regulations 
  Cosmetics safety and quality control
  Cosmetic microbial control and bacteriostasis
  Compliance review/efficacy evaluation/claim specifications

Skin Repair
  Medical research co-creation helps repair brand development
  Skin Inflammation Management: Inflammation and "Sensitization"
  Photoaging and skin damage repair
  Application of soothing moisturizers in sensitive skin 
  Pathogenesis of sensitive skin

Hair Care
  Efficacy: Soothing anti-inflammatory/scalp anti-aging/anti-hair loss
  Product development: shower gel, cleansing balm, cleansing oil
  Itchy scalp microbiome

Hair Product Evaluation Strategy
  Innovative raw materials: silicone oil, surfactants, fragrance

Sun Protection & Whitening
UV damage repair and Photoprotection
  Precision whitening
  Sun protection and anti-photoaging
  Hyperpigmentation and spot treatment

Scientific Support for Whitening Claims


Natural   Safety & Clean Beauty
  " Clean Beauty" & Development of Natural Cosmetics
  Extraction Methods of Natural Active Substances
   Chinese Herbs for Skin   Care

Fermentation   in Cosmetics
  efficacy   testing of natural extracts

Synthetic   Biology
Natural product   synthetic biology research
  Recombinant collagen efficacy research and product development
  Biotechnology-based functional ingredient development
  Bio-based surfactant development
  Microalgae   synthesis biotechnology and green biomanufacturing

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