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Decoding South Korea’s Cosmetic Labeling Regulation

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Mike Sohn
Friday , 28th Apr 2023

Cosmetic label is what the consumers note at first when purchasing products which will help them understand what’s in the product and what benefits does it have. Cosmetic labeling compliance is an essential part that cannot be ignored by enterprises targeting the Korean market. Therefore, ChemLinked invited Mr. Mike Sohn, the general manager of REACH24H Korea, to share his insights about labeling regulations in South Korea. He will help you understand the requirements and remove compliance barriers.



  • General introduction of cosmetic regulation in South Korea

  • Product classification: General/Functional cosmetics & Quasi-drugs

  • Import process

  • Latest labeling requirements and issues: focusing on efficacy claims and marketing

  • Other regulatory updates

  • Q&A

For those who are also interested in understanding cosmetic labeling requirements in Japan (CL webinar on May 31, 2023), ChemLinked prepared a special offer package. Stakeholders can email ChemLinked to get access to these two webinars for $159.

From March to May, ChemLinked will host webinar series on cosmetic labeling regulation global. Please stay tuned on ChemLinked for cosmetic labeling requirements in South Korea, Japan, and ASEAN.

Decoding Japan’s Cosmetics Labeling Regulation (May 31, 2023)

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  • General Manager at REACH24H KOREA
    Mike is a South Korea market access expert with comprehensive knowledge of South Korea trade policy, laws and regulations in Cosmetic/ Chemical/ Food sectors. He had been a researcher in Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute (KCII), an overseas marketer in Won Tech, an RA at Daewoong Pharmaceuticals and worked at Histogenetics. He has been invited as the key speaker for more than 50 times all over the globe. He is acknowledged as a PR Agent of K-Beauty.