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A Look Back at 2023: China's Rejected Imported Cosmetics Review

A Look Back at 2023: China's Rejected Imported Cosmetics Review

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  • Author:ChemLinked
  • Pages:17
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Dec 28, 2023
    Last Updated On:Feb 23, 2024

The import of beauty cosmetics and toiletries in 2023 witnessed a downward trend, with some months even experiencing a double-digit decline. This decline can be attributed, in part, to the government's increasing scrutiny and stricter supervision of imported cosmetics.

This report aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the rejected batches of imported cosmetics in 2023, focusing on the main categories of rejected cosmetics, reasons for rejection, and compliance suggestions to help companies avoid rejection.



Part 1 Cosmetic Import Value

1.1 Overview of Cosmetic Import Data in 2023

Part 2 Rejected Imported Cosmetics

2.1 Characteristics of Rejected Imported Cosmetics

2.2 Compliance Suggestions

  • Lack of Required Certificates or Qualifications

  • Unqualified Labeling

  • Excessive Use of Arsenic

  • Excessive Bacterial Counts

  • Failing to Pass Sensory Inspection and Expired Products

Table & Figure

Table 1: Customs Inspection Contents

Table 2: Required Information on the Label

Table 3: Limits of Heavy Metal in Cosmetics

Table 4: Microbial Limits for Cosmetics

Figure 1: Cosmetic Import Value in 2023

Figure 2: Categories of Rejected Cosmetics

Figure 3: Countries/Regions of Rejected Cosmetics