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Global Regulatory Updates of Animal Testing in 2020

Global Regulatory Updates of Animal Testing in 2020

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  • Publish Date:Dec 29, 2020
    Last Updated On:Dec 29, 2020

Animal testing for the sake of cosmetic safety has always been a very controversial topic since it's often viewed as cruel due to its harm, or outright death, of the animals subjected to them. In the early years, animal testing was adopted to assess product safety and allergenicity during the R&D of cosmetics and daily chemical products. Since then, we have seen significant technological advancements to the extent that people argue that animal tests have become largely redundant. As a response, cruelty-free advocates have made huge headway in lobbying governments to ban animal testing. In this report, ChemLinked will look at those major advancements in the global push towards a global ban on animal testing.

  1. China

    1.1 Development History of Animal Testing

    1.2 Regulation and Supervision Updates in 2020

  2. South Korea

    2.1 Animal Testing Ban

    2.2 Guidelines for Animal Testing Alternatives Released in 2020

    2.3 All the 24 Guidelines for Animal Testing Alternative Methods

  3. Australia

  4. Global Country Ban on Animal Testing

    4.1 Global Ban Country List

    4.2 In the Process of Banning