QB/T 2872-2017 Mask

QB/T 2872-2017 Mask

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Basic Information
  • Translated By:Chemlinked
  • Release Date:/
    Implement Date:Oct 01, 2017
  • Pages:18
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Created On:Oct 25, 2017
    Last Updated On:Oct 25, 2017

This is the new edition of Mask Industry Standard, which replaces the former one QB/T 2872-2007 issued 10 years ago. The new standard enters into force on Oct.1st 2017, and compare with the former edition, the major technical revision include:

  • Revise the English name of "面膜"
  • Revise the scope of application
  • Add criteria quotation documents from GB/T 22731
  • Add criteria quotation documents from GB/T 27741-2011
  • Revise the cosmetic hygiene standard
  • Add the note of mask terms and definition
  • Revise the terms and definition of gel molding mask
  • Add the type of mud mask and its terms, definition and requirement
  • Add the requirements of package material and carrier
  • Add the requirements of fragrance usage
  • Add the requirements of cold-resistance and hot-resistance of the mask (facial film)
  • Revise the temperature standard of cold-resistance
  • Add the standard of asbestos in powder-form mask containing talcum powder
  • Add the label criteria of mask (facial film) net content 


1. Scope of the mask

2. Criteria Quotation Documents

3. Terms and Definition of the mask

4. Product Classification

5. Requirement of production

6. Testing Method

7. Testing Rule

8. Requriement of label, package, shipment, storage and expiry time