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Asia Pacific Regulatory Database

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Our regulatory database is a comprehensive on-line library providing you with easy access to need-to-know compliance information. The database collects more than 15 countries/regions’ regulatory information and guidance in the cosmetic industry. It provides both concise summaries and detailed obligations for stakeholders. This database is designed to provide key compliance advices concisely to save the time of busy regulatory professionals and decision makers.

Main Features

  • Serves as the perfect reference for regulatory professionals;
  • Allow you to search for regulatory documents of your concern
  • Provides grasp-at-a-glance summary, history, corresponding duties and related original regulatory and technical documents;
  • Alert you when the regulations get updated;
  • Allow you to keep a record of the regulatory entries of your interest by click “Add to My Favorite” and review them from time to time from “My Favorite” folder (being developed).