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Cosmetics Act 17250 (Apr 7, 2020)
Local Title:
South Korea
Release Date:
Implementation Date:
Competent Authority:
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

The Cosmetic Act is the overarching regulation for cosmetics in South Korea. Supporting this act is a series of subordinate rules, standards and guidance documents. This act provides measures for the manufacture, importing and sale of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients and includes detailed requirements for the labeling and advertising of products.

Main Contents

Chapter 1 General provisions

  • Purpose

  • Definitions

  • Types of Businesses

Chapter 2 Manufacture and Distribution of Cosmetics

  • Registration of Business

  • Filing Reports on Custom Cosmetic Sales Business

  • Grounds for Disqualification

  • Qualification Test for Custom Cosmetic Compounding Managers

  • Examination of Functional Cosmetics

  • Management on Cosmetics for Infants or Children

  • Obligations of Business Operators

  • Recall of Hazardous Cosmetics

  • Reporting on Business Closure

Chapter 3 Handling of Cosmetics

  • Safety Standards for Cosmetics

  • Safe Containers and Packaging

  • Matters to be Stated on Packages of Cosmetics

  • Price Indication of Cosmetics

  • Cautions for Statements or Labeling

  • Prohibition of False Labeling and Advertising

  • Substantiation of Contents of Labeling and Advertisements

  • Certification of Natural Cosmetics and Organic Cosmetics

  • Validity Period of Certification

  • Labeling of Certification

  • Revocation of Designation of Certifying Agencies

  • Prohibition of Business

  • Prohibition of Distribution or Sale of Animal-Tested Cosmetics

  • Prohibition of Sale

  • Establishment of Association

Chapter 4 Supervision

  • Reporting and Inspection

  • Consumer Watchdog for Cosmetics Safety Control

  • Corrective Orders

  • Inspection Orders

  • Orders to Repair Facilities

  • Orders, etc. to Recall or Discard Goods

  • Orders to Recall or Destroy Goods

  • Publication of Hazardous Cosmetics

  • Revocation of Registration and Suspension, etc. of Manufacturing Products

  • Revocation of Registration

  • Succession to Status of Business Operator

  • Succession to Effects of Administrative Sanctions

  • Hearings

  • Penalty Surcharges

  • Publication of Violations

  • Support for Voluntary Management

  • Exception to Products for Exportation

Chapter 5 Supplementary Provisions

  • Re-Issuance of Registration Certificate

  • Fees

  • Support for Cosmetics Industry

  • International Cooperation

  • Entrustment or Delegation of Authority

Chapter 6 Penalty Provisions

  • Penalty Provisions

  • Joint Penalty Provisions

  • Administrative Fines


  • Enforcement Date

  • Transitional Measures concerning Incompetent Persons

  • Transitional Measures concerning Quasi-Incompetent Persons

  • Applicability to Animal-Tested Cosmetics

  • Applicability to Revocation of Registration

  • Transitional Measures concerning Products for Export

  • Transitional Measures concerning Business Registration

  • Transitional Measures concerning Change in Title of Manufacture-Sales Managers

  • Transitional Measures concerning Matters to be Stated of Cosmetics

  • Transitional Measures concerning Revocation of Registration

  • Transitional Measures concerning Penalty Provisions and Administrative Fines

  • Applicability to Reporting on Business Closure or Suspension

  • Applicability to Succession to Effects of Administrative Sanctions

  • Transitional Measures concerning Breach of Obligation to Indicate Price of Cosmetics

  • Transitional Measures concerning Penalty Surcharges

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Cosmetics Act 18448 (Aug. 17, 2021)
Date of Release: 2021-08-17
Date of Implementation : 2021-08-17
Status : In force
Cosmetics Act 17250 (Apr 7, 2020)
Date of Release: 2020-04-07
Date of Implementation : 2020-04-07
Status : Invalid
Amendments to Cosmetics Act
Date of Release: 2019-10-28
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Date of Release: 2018-12-11
Date of Implementation : 2019-12-12
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Cosmetics Act 15488 (March 13, 2018)
Date of Release: 2018-03-13
Date of Implementation : 2020-03-14
Status : Invalid
Cosmetics Act 15488
Date of Release: 2018-03-13
Date of Implementation : 2019-03-14
Status : Invalid
South Korea Cosmetics Act (No.17250)
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