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QB/T 4256-2011 Guideline for Evaluation of Cosmetics Moisturization Efficacy
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QB/T 4256-2011 化妆品保湿功效评价指南
Chinese Mainland
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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
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QB/T 4256-2011 Guideline for Evaluation of Cosmetics Moisturization Efficacy
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This standard is proposed by China National Light Industry Federation with the National Flavor and Fragrance Cosmetic Standardization Technology Commission in charge of its management. The drafting work of this standard is undertaken by a concerted effort joined by Beijing Technology and Business University, China Inspection and Quarantine Scientific Research Institute, Air Force General Hospital of PLA, Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd, L’Oreal China, Unilever China, Amway Household Products China, Shanghai Household Products Chemical Industry Research Institute.

This standards stipulates a method in evaluating the cosmetic moisturization efficacy—capacitance to determine the water concentration in cuticle of skin. This standard applies to the evaluation of moist-keeping efficacy of skincare cream, emulsion and gel cosmetic and serves as reference for other kinds of cosmetics claiming to possess moist-keeping efficacy.