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China Cosmetic Classification Rules and Catalog (Draft for Comments)

China Cosmetic Classification Rules and Catalog (Draft for Comments)

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  • Release Date:Jul 29, 2020
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  • Pages:26
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Created On:Jul 31, 2020
    Last Updated On:Jul 31, 2020

On July 29, 2020, China National Medical Products Administration issued the draft Cosmetic Classification Rules and Catalog for public consultation, one of the subsidiary regulations of CSAR and the revised version of the previous draft Cosmetic Classification Standard.

The draft stipulates the classification and coding of cosmetics. As per the draft, the classification of cosmetics will be refined into 5 categories, namely the classification of efficacy claims, application area, dosage forms, target users and application method, and will adopt a coding system.

The cosmetics classification code is composed of 5 layers of numbers, and each layer is separated by "-" and represented by a 2-digit number or letters. For example, the classification code of facial cleanser is 01-05-01-01-01

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Chapter I Formulation Basis

Chapter II Scope of Application

Chapter III Classification Basis

Chapter IV Encoding Structure

Chapter V Classification Rules

Chapter VI Efficacy Claims

Chapter VII Application Areas

Chapter VIII Product Dosage Forms

Chapter IX Application Methods

Chapter X Product Set

Chapter XI New Efficacy

Chapter XII Implementation Date

Attached Table 1 Classification Code Catalog of Cosmetics Efficacy Claims

Attached Table 2 Classification Code Catalog of Cosmetics Application Areas

Attached Table 3 Classification Code Catalog of Cosmetics Dosage Forms

Attached Table 4 Classification Code Catalog of Cosmetics Users

Attached Table 5 Classification Code Catalog of Cosmetics Application Methods