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Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics (Second Draft for Comments)

Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics (Second Draft for Comments)

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  • Translated By:ChemLinked
  • Release Date:Sep 08, 2021
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  • Pages:40
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Created On:Sep 13, 2021
    Last Updated On:Sep 13, 2021

On Sep. 28, 2020, China NMPA released the first draft of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Cosmetics. On Sep. 8, 2021, China NMPA consults on the second draft of Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics (the Practices). The number of articles in the second draft is reduced from 77 to 64, and some standards are relaxed.

Domestic cosmetic registrants, notifiers, and entrusted production enterprises should organize the cosmetics production in accordance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics. The Practices are divided into 9 chapters and 2 annexes, covering all aspects of cosmetic production and quality control such as ingredients, personnel, equipment, sanitation, inspection, packaging, storage, transportation, sales and recall. As the second draft mentions that the regulation’s effective date is Jan. 1, 2022, it is expected that its finalized version will be issued before 2022.

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[English Translation]


Chapter I General Provisions

Chapter II Institutions and Personnel

Chapter III Quality Assurance and Control

Chapter IV Plant Facility and Equipment Management

Chapter V Material and Product Management

Chapter VI Production Process Management

Chapter VII Product Sales Management

Chapter VIII Entrusted Production Management

Chapter IX Supplementary Provisions

Attachment 1 Requirements for Electronic Records of Cosmetics Production

Attachment 2 Environmental Requirements for Cosmetics Production Workshop