The 2nd Global Export Controls (Shanghai) Summit 第二届全球出口管制(上海)峰会

5 Dec 2019 - 6 Dec 2019
Courtyard By Marriott Shanghai 上海齐鲁万怡大酒店
Ficient Global 锋信环球

The current complicated trade environment brings more risks and challenges to the compliance management of Chinese enterprises. Based on this, Ficient Global launch "The 2nd Global Export Controls (Shanghai) Summit", inviting experts from well-known global trade law firms and consultant agencies, senior export control trade compliance officers and responsible officials to review and analyze key events of global export control in 2019. They will also interpret latest export control legislation and policies of different countries to help the participants grasp more relevant knowledge. Topics from different perspectives will make participants know more about current situation of global export control. It will also be a good opportunity for participants to learn how to establish and improve the export control compliance management system so as to deal with the risks and problems of export control more smoothly.

December 5th Thursday

  1. Export Control and Trade Compliance Between China and U.S. Under the Background of Trade War
  2. Difficult Concepts in U.S. Export Control System and Compliance Risk Reflected
  3. Impacts of New U.S. Economic Sanctions on Chinese Companies
  4. Interpretation of Japanese Export Control Regime and Update of Export Control Policy
  5. Updates and Trend of Export Control Related Regulation and Policy in EU

December 6th Friday

  1. Interpretation of Hong Kong Strategic Goods Control System and Impacts of Current Trade Environment on Hong Kong Export Control
  2. Introduction of India Export Control System, Licenses and Global Authorization for Intra-Company Transfer
  3. Comparing the Export Control Systems of Different Asian Countries and Summarizing Characteristics of Their Export Control Systems (Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia)
  4. Major Update of Export Control Regulations and Policies in Different Asian Countries (Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia)
  5. Current Situation of Dual-use Items and Technologies Import and Export Control in China
  6. Panel discussion: Inspiration of Export Control Compliance Management for Chinese Companies in Current Global Export Control and Trade Environment

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