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Chinese Cross-Border E-Commerce Hong Kong Seminar for Cosmetics Business

7 Mar 2016 - 8 Mar 2016
The Hub - 1/F., Fortune Building, Nos.150-158 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, H.K.
REACH24H Consulting Group,CTR

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A Cross-Border E-commerce (CBEC) event will be held in Hong Kong with a focus on the Chinese Cosmetic Market entry and CBEC Business on March 07-08.  Experts are invited from the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, CBEC pilot areas (bonded areas), Chinese well-known E-platforms and REACH24H Consulting Group. During this event presentations will be given with a focus on how to take good advantage of cross-border E-commerce and how to export quality cosmetics to China with local regulatory compliance. 
By joining the event, overseas brand owners and cosmetics suppliers could be expecting answers to questions about the CBEC and preferable policies of today’s China, how to work with e-platforms, tips for your Chinese market strategy and what requirements are needed under local regulatory system. Each of the speakers will provide valued information by sharing their own expertise and there will be plenty of opportunities for questions and networking.
Full-day seminar on Mar 07 between 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Registration started from 7:30 am
a) Interpretation of online cosmetics consumption data and in-depth analysis of Chinese customer behavior (
The invited speaker will give presentations on online cosmetics consumption data, and customer behavior. Business data will be divided by geographical origin of imports and overall financial value of imports by sector, giving cosmetics manufactures a clear understanding of the key demand areas in China and arming enterprise with key information to develop efficient market entry strategies. 
1)    Top ranked imported cosmetics by volume;
2) Top ranked imported cosmetics by value;
3) Cosmetics industry online consumption data insight; 
4) Chinese consumer insight and buying behavior 
* is the No.1 media channel specialized in cosmetics industry, market data analysis in China
b) Cross-border e-commerce and related policies in China (Hangzhou, Shenzhen SHANGHAI free trade zones and bonded areas, REACH24H) 
By 2015 the value of China’s cross-border had reached 3.75 trillion Yuan (547 billion USD). In comparison to traditional import channels, goods imported through China’s cross-border e-commerce zones are subject to greatly facilitated market access, expedited clearance times, which forgo stringent testing and labeling requirements. This presentation will outline the China’s CBEC development status and related policies. In addition the presentation will outline how to surmount technical barriers to trade including regulatory compliance requirements and Custom and quarantine inspection at ports. 
1) China cross-border e-commerce and trends of CBEC policy; 
2) An introduction of major free trade zones and perspectives of future development; 
3) Regulatory compliance for imported cosmetics in China: interpretation of relevant regulations, inspection requirements of Chinese customs, bonded areas and bonded warehouses, typical case studies; 
c) Major cross-border e-commerce platforms in cosmetics industry and case studies of popular e-commerce operators (,, City Choice, Jumei, JD Worldwide )
The famous Cross-border e-commerce platforms give the manufactures more efficient solutions to enter Chinese market. The following presentations will outline the operation situations, the best-sellers, operation and business modes of those platforms.
1) The introduction of major differences between China’s leading cross-border e-commerce platforms;
2) The brief overview of business modes of Chinese cross-border e-commerce platforms;
3) Case studies of major cross-border e-commerce platforms and O2O experience shopfront involved in cosmetics business
    a)      City Choice's case studies and introduction of business mode (CBEC-imported goods offline experience shopfront owned by the leading retail group, Yintai Group) -TBA
    b)      JD Worldwide's case studies and introduction of cooperation details (One of the largest comprehensive e-commerce platforms in China with the best delivery experience)
    c)'s case studies and introduction of cooperation details (The most-popular and  leading cosmetics online e-commerce platform in China)
4) Supply chain establishment for CBEC business in China: logistics, warehousing and payment
* is the most trustable CBEC business and information expert in China and is the first company focused on CBEC logistics service provider at Shenzhen
d) Q&A section
CBEC free trade zone and bonded areas
CBEC Platforms  
CBEC experts
Leading e-commerce companies will share their experience of anti-counterfeiting work so as to protect brand owners and consumers' interests in this section.
Breakfast event on Mar 08 between 9:00 am-11:00 am
Registration started from 8:30 am
CBEC conversation: preferable policy of CBEC pilot areas and CBEC investment opportunities
1) Insight of CBEC business and investment opportunities: much to think about before CBEC business involvement;
2) Hangzhou and Shenzhen CBEC park’s introduction and preferable policies;
3) Development of logistics industry for CBEC and CBEC investment strategy as well as important tips;
4) Tips of overseas e-commerce companies and cosmetics companies: how to register a company at Shanghai free trade zone
* You are strongly suggested to take good advantage of the time during the breakfast meeting for networking.