CRAC-HCF2020 Virtual Forum | China Cosmetic Management: Updates and Trends under CSAR

8 Dec 2020 - 9 Dec 2020
REACH24H Consulting Group & Helsinki Chemicals Forum
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So far, this 2020 has been like none before. The COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts have been felt across economies all over the world. As countries try new and adapted regulatory strategies for this New Normal, the CRAC-HCF 2020 Virtual Forum will explore the theme "Towards a More Synergic Future", with the aim of bridging knowledge and communication gaps across regions and share innovative and value-added regulatory, policy and market insights. The 2020 Forum will focus on the current status and future challenges and possibilities found in chemicals management, environmental safety, pesticides, disinfection products, cosmetics and food contact materials in Asia, EU, U.S and other major trade partners.

The Joint Forum will feature 3 weeks of exclusive CRAC policy, regulatory and market-oriented sessions and a full HCF week with Keynote Speeches by ECHA, OECD and UNEP, and follow-up discussion panels.. In this year of change, CRAC-HCF 2020 Virtual Forum aims to make the latest knowledge openly available to all interested parties, to rethink structures, develop effective compliance strategies and help 2020 be the year of increased synergy across countries and industries. Better cooperation is the only way forward. To this end, this year's joint forum will be held virtually and be made free of charge for all attendees.

Highlighted Session

| China Cosmetic Management: Updates and Trends under CSAR

This session will cover topics about Registration of Cosmetic Ingredients & Filing and Registration of Cosmetics in China.


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