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Brazil Cosmetic Regulatory Compliance and Importation Requirements

Mariam Davis
Wednesday , 15th Jul 2020
Global Regulatory Partners, Inc.

In 2017, Brazilian women spent, on average, 922 USD on cosmetics per year. This market is only expected to expand as demand grows for men’s grooming products, marketing budgets increase, e-commerce penetration expands, and commercialization of R&D and product development strategies orient towards premiumization and segmentation trends.

According to the Brazilian Association for Personal Hygiene, Perfume and Cosmetics Industry, the beauty market accounts for 1.8% of Brazil’s GDP and represents 9.4% of the global market. Brazil is the number one consumer of deodorant, fragrances, and sun protection products in the world and second in consumption of baby care, men's hygiene, hair, bath, and depilatory products.

In this webinar, Ms. Mariam Davis, a Regulatory Associate at Global Regulatory Partners Inc., will introduce the Brazilian cosmetic market, then specify the cosmetic regulatory framework, including cosmetics registration, labeling, and advertisement, and finally outline regulatory requirements for the importation of cosmetics into Brazil.


1. Overview of Brazil Cosmetics Market

2. Regulatory Framework and Competent Authority

  • Existing Main Cosmetic Regulations

  • Competent Authorities

3. Imported Cosmetics Regulatory Compliance

  • Definition

  • Classification

  • Notification/Import Licenses

  • Ingredient regulations (Such as prohibited and permitted labeling, etc.)

  • Labeling & Efficacy Claims

  • Advertisement regulations (permitted and prohibited expressions)

  • Post-market supervision requirements

4. How to Export Cosmetics to Brazil

  • Regulatory requirements

  • Practical advice for stakeholders

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  • Regulatory Affairs Professional
    Ms. Mariam Davis is a Regulatory Affairs Professional that has been working at Global Regulatory Partners Inc., for many years, managing the registration of cosmetic products in different countries, including Latin America. As an expert in cosmetic products, she provides regulatory intelligence, regulatory strategy, and the list of regulatory requirements for the registration of cosmetics in different countries. Her knowledge and expertise in cosmetics has helped many companies access new markets and launch their cosmetic products without issues and in record time, especially in the following countries: Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil.